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New Body Lifestyle Launched as a Game Changer for Preventative Health, Wellness and Weight Loss

Esteemed for finally saying what everyone knows, that diets don’t work, New Body Lifestyle gives members choices on what they want to eat and how they want to eat it. Endeavoring to lead the charge for change in health and wellness the new member-centric website gives users a personalized leg up in the fight to stay fit.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2014 is officially launched with the audacious statement leading the charge, “Diets Don’t Work!”. Finally offering a personalized approach to fill the void the site creates a community of likeminded members in hot pursuit of wellness in bite-sized pieces, quite literally. More than just a fully-customizable meal planner and exercise tracker allows its members to integrate nutrition and personal training into their daily lives and interact virtually while doing so. They can choose meal plans that suit their taste, edit those meal plans when tastes change, log meals, nutrients, calories and count exercise when doing multiple tasks. They can also do what’s likely unheard of when taking their lifestyle up a notch. They can reduce the cost of their food bill, beat temptation, reduce stress and welcome a variety of new tastes to their everyday lives; all while eating six meals a day.

Succinctly, the new meal-planning website is a bridge between a member’s goals and their real life. Not a complete negation of a member’s day-to-day lifestyle, the site offers help with an education-based health and wellness software program with interactive resources. Resources include the ability to choose food types according to culture and health needs, plan and sync meals across devices, and coordinate grocery lists that are sortable based on the aisles of the member’s favorite store. Additionally, approachable blogs written by experts in the field like Dr. Jacob Wilson of the University of Tampa’s world-renowned Human Performance and Sports Nutrition Laboratory are ongoing.

Matthew Lowe, founder and CEO of New Body Lifestyle said of the fully- customizable meal plan system and its benefits, “Health is not a short-term endeavor, we’re here for the long run. So, to keep sustainable healthy living at the forefront, we’ve created what we call a lifestyle product that marries every health conscience convenience with technology. Technology that can be used by gyms and personal trainers for their clients and corporations for their employees.”

With more than 20,000 USDA food choices in the New Body Lifestyle database members can chose from an extensive library of meal templates designed by registered dietitians. Available via computer or mobile app templates include, Low Carb, Detox, Cleanse, Mature Women and Glycemic Management among many other health specific needs. Once chosen, coordinated grocery lists are automatically populated for each mean plan and updated whenever members change their preferences.

About New Body Lifestyle
New Body Lifestyle was launched by co-founders Matt and Amy Lowe as a convenient online fitness and meal planning system that uses innovative software to support preventative health and overall wellness. With 25 years combined experience the co-founders designed the wellness site to bring simplicity to daily food choices, exercise tracking and weight control. To accomplish these goals the fully customizable system caters to its users Resting Metabolic Rate. Broadening their reach, licensing White Label options for Personal Trainers, Gyms, Corporate Wellness, and Preventative Wellness companies and/or programs are available to leverage the New Body Lifestyle software with clients and employees.


Full Membership Introductory Price: $14.99 per month or $150 per year.
Nutrition Only Membership: $19.99 per month.
Fitness Only Membership: $19.99 per month (coming soon)

*After Introductory Price, Full Membership will increase to $29.99 per month or$299 for the year.

Matthew Lowe
Founder, CEO
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Toll Free: 877-977-3010


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