New Book Assuring Proven Weight Loss Without Crash Diet Seeks Crowdfund Support at Kickstarter

Mannheim based engineer Hans Sinte-Maartensdijk has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support for his new-age weight loss book co-authored with his wife, a psychotherapist. The book extends psychological know-how on successfully losing weight without rigorous diets.


Mannheim, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2016 --A couch potato-turned-fittie Hans Sinte-Maartensdijk has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for his new-age book "Diet! No Thanks, I'd rather lose weight". Co-authored with his wife Julia, a professional psychotherapist, the book shares exclusive psychological know-how on effectively losing weight simply and informatively without crash diet restrictions.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise €10,000 within October 30, 2016.

"Back in 2011, I was a couch potato yearning to lose my excess pounds but without taking to crash diet restrictions or changing my usual eating pattern. Therefore I started educating myself in physics of nutrition & simple logic that can lead to effective weight loss- Voila! Within just a few months I lost around 25 kgs and that too without any commercial diet issues. I understand, it's really difficult for some to make drastic changes to lose weight & my encounter with my wife enlightened me on the psychological aspect of this change. Together, we have come up with a book that extends a realistic view on how nutrition acts on our body and also offers psychological insights on changing habits simply towards effective healthy dieting. It's not your usual run-of-the-mill dieting book but something that shares proven weight loss advice that won't force you to starve. But such a futuristic project demands solid financial backup and hence this crowdfunding campaign. Your support would be much appreciated", stated Sinte-Maartensdijk while announcing the crowdfunding campaign.

"Diet! No Thanks, I'd rather lose weight" would be published by Sinte-Maartensdijk only.

The funds gathered from the crowdfunding campaign would help with proof-reading, editing, cover design and release costs of the book.

Contrary to usual commercial-diet focused weight loss books, Hans & Julia's new book stresses on creating awareness on eating as a concept, how people tick – and how to shed weight with one's own knowledge. The book is strictly against reducing weight with drastic changes that only end up damaging the body with rigorous diets.

"Our book will enable you shed your excess pounds by making you aware of 'healthy' diet that would keep you happy in the long term. There is no question of not eating for days or forcing yourself into something that you loathe eating. Being a psychotherapist, my wife has further enriched the book with her important psychological inputs and combined with my personal knowledge, our book successfully redefines the way to a convenient weight loss."

A good host of perks are waiting for the donators. A pledge of €2 would be rewarded with an eBook version of the groundbreaking book. Donations reaching €7 and €10 would be honored with softcover and hardcover formats of the book, respectively.

"We value our backers and we would implement their names as sponsors in the initial 1000 copies of our book", Hans added in.

To show your support for "Diet! No Thanks, I'd rather lose weight", visit the campaign.