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New Book by Earnest Mother, Dana Latter Brings Awareness to SPD "Against the Odds"

A new book co-authored by Dr. Leonard Press, helps a mother shed light on a debilitating condition not yet recognized by the medical community.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/13/2018 --On a harrowing journey begun in 2005 with a diagnosis of her elder son Guy as being, "not like other children," author Dana Latter releases a book replete with hope. Coming out of the shadows and into the light, "Against The Odds" is a triumphant story of the Latter Family and their efforts to cope with SPD. Attacking the motor, visual, and cognitive skills of children, most notably socialization, speech and language, kids with SPD are characterized as "out-of-sync." Discussing an unfamiliar condition that encompasses global developmental delay, similar to Autism, the book underscores the triumphant alternatives to helplessness the Latter family has used with both of their sons, Guy and Tommy. Floor-time and vision therapy, as well as auditory listening and nutritional changes have helped bring about significant improvements. Guy has seen progress from 92% brain dysfunction function to only 25%.

The author said, "Make no mistake, we have felt helpless and impotent on this journey. It hasn't been easy, and it hasn't always been pretty, but we've hung in there. We can talk to Guy now about what is happening in the world, even discussing such events as the 2017 General Election. He not only follows and understands but is interested and joins in. Both Adi and I feel his future is very bright, and every day he brings a little more sunshine into our lives. The therapy saved Guy's life by allowing him to explore and live life as an independent person rather than relying on the social services for years to come."

Co-authored by Dr. Leonard Press, global leader expert in the field of Vision therapy, the doctor adds, "I was so impressed with Dana's near godly level of determination and dedication as well as the support required from her family. I want to emphasize that the experiences of the Latter Family in this book support the notion that it takes a village to raise a child when conditions like SPD are involved."

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About Dana Latter
Dana Latter is an educator and a researcher of alternative ways to help children with sensory processing disorders. Dana has dedicated her life to help both her sons to overcome their sensory issues.  Her belief that more can be done at every milestone helped transform her son's lives.

About SPD
SPD occurs when the brain experiences problems dealing with the information that it receives through the body's senses. It fails to respond or react in what is considered to be a normal manner, thereby causing the person with SPD issues while interacting with others and carrying out their daily activities.

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