New Book Details Account of Christian Ponzi Scheme

Exposing The Ponzi Masters - The Profitable Sunrise Scam


Palm Coast, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/07/2013 --James L. Paris, Editor-In-Chief of, announced the release of his new book today, 'Exposing The Ponzi Masters - The Profitable Sunrise Scam.' The Profitable Sunrise Ponzi scheme absconded with an estimated $100 million dollars from the Christian Community. Paris says that the book shares behind the scenes details of how he broke the story, and how the scammers attempted to intimidate him along the way.

From the description

'A reporter is plunged into the dark world of money laundering and a worldwide crime network when he stumbles across a scam so big that his life is on the line. Now, the true story can finally be told. An investigation that will take you across the globe to England, Eastern Europe, Australia, Panama, Africa, and New Zealand. How an international network of money launderers got away with more than $100 million dollars - stolen from the Christian community. Exposing The Ponzi Masters, is the true account of one man determined to expose the truth, and the legions that tried to stop him. A story so dark, that you won't believe what you are reading - a story so important, its being monitored by government agencies worldwide. Exposing The Ponzi Masters, a true crime expose' from James L. Paris the Editor In Chief Of'

The book is now available exclusively at - Exposing The Ponzi Masters Book