Joe Schroeder

New Book Helps Leaders Find, Tap Spiritual Replenishment


Delafield, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2017 --Leaders and administrators support the boundless needs of others, but who or what supports them? A new book delves into spiritual support for school administrators, people who need to lead and sustain unprecedented levels of deep transformation in modern society.

The demands of leadership are immense for schools, which increasingly need to personalize and significantly raise levels of student learning within an accelerating digital and global information context. Tackling such problems requires relentless focus, perseverance, and time. Thus, the short tenure of an average school or district leader can be viewed both as understandable, yet alarming.

In his new book, Labor of Love: A Spiritual Companion for Servant Leaders, author Dr. Joe Schroeder explores how timeless lessons—mostly from a Christian perspective— support the transformation journey for school administrators and other servant leaders. Schroeder believes a common component of high-impact servant leadership is often ignored in professional literature: that the leader's deep outward impact on his/her corner of the work is first made possible and sustainable by an inward journey of the heart and spirit.

"Our society is in such great need of high-impact leadership," says Schroeder. "When we ignore this inward journey/outward impact link, we do ourselves, and the communities we lead, a tremendous disservice."

In his book, Schroeder shares 26 daily devotionals, each with an inspirational Bible verse and image, timeless concepts to present-day leadership, and a closing prayer. Designed to strengthen the heart, mind, and spirit of servant leaders everywhere, the book is meant to replenish and sustain the labor of love throughout each reader's personal leadership journey.

Schroeder speaks with over 30 years of experience in education as an award-winning teacher, principal, and district superintendent, including being honored in 2011 as Wisconsin's Superintendent of the Year.

"Faith has buttressed my spirit and heart, replenished my leadership well, and offered many practical approaches for sustaining my own leadership journey over three decades," Schroeder said. "May this book faciltate the same for the next generation of leaders."

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