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New Book Launched for Aspiring Producers, Writers, Musicians, Singers, and Future Record Moguls

Music Business 101 is a book that is aimed at helping people who want to be successful in the music industry. It helps those who want to be a producer, writer, singer, musician, or even a person who wants to start their own record label.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2016 --Amazon, the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce they have added a new book to their shopping platform. The new book in their music and art section is titled Music Business 101. The book is aimed at helping people who want to have a career in the music industry and need advice, tips, and guidance.

Music Business 101 was written by Brian Wesley Peters and offers his 18 years of experience to help those who want to achieve a positive outcome in the music world. The author has aimed the book at those who want to have a serious career in the music industry from writers, musicians, singers, and those who want to be the next Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson.

The music industry has been described as one of the most fickle industries in the world and one of the hardest to enter without the knowledge to get through the front door. For those on the outside wishing to get on the inside, it can seem like an impossibility unless that person goes down the route of talent shows such as American Idol, America Got Talent or the X Factor. However, Music Business 101 provides a real insight how people can become successful in the music industry with or without the support of a major record label.

The easy to read book has gained rave reviews from book reviewers and consumers on Amazon. It has been described as one of the most important books for those wishing to become a success in the music world. It allows people to learn what they need to do to release their own album and promote it, to venturing into creating their own record label. The book allows people to avoid the common mistakes that are made, hence saving them time, money and disappointment.

Martin Bowie, who purchased Music Business 101 on Amazon, said: "Very thorough. The author's fluency and knowledge of the music business matched with his sense of humor make for an easy and enjoyable, but very informative read."

Terrence Smith, who left a five-star review on Amazon, said: "My favorite self-help book. Everything anyone needs to know about making it in the music business. I recommend this book to all aspiring musicians or anyone striving for a career in the music business."

The book covers many different important topics, which include:

Distributors and Distribution
Creating the Product
Contracts: For Better or for Worse
Ins and Outs of Music Publishing
Songwriting and Song Placement
Marketing & Promotion
How Do I Get My Music on the Radio?
Royalties: How Do I Get Paid?
Who Handles the Business?
How Record Labels Work
Filesharing: Stealing Music?

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About Music Business 101
This up-to-date manual fills the need for a basic, easy-to-understand way of getting the foot in the door of a business that for most seems impossible to break into.