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New Book on Amazon Invites Women to "Become a Viking Mom!" and Go Big on Inherent Happiness

Danish authors and CEOs of Viking Moms tell the secrets of happy Nordic families with a parenting book launch. Free in an e-book format from November 21st through the 25th, the book starts with mom’s wellbeing and ends with well-adjusted kids.


Lejre, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2017 --Noted as the world's "champions of happiness" for the last thirty years, it's obvious that the Nordic set has some truth to tell. So says the authors, co-founders, and CEOs of Viking Moms, Mette Dahm and Mette Wismann. They're the champs that have taken Danish parenting to the masses with their new book "Become a Viking Mom!" newly launched on Amazon. Having made raising kids an art form, the Mettes quantify happiness with two outcomes; rested parents and well-adjusted children. Fully equipped to inform about loving mediums like hygge, independence, personal power, collaboration, and equality the authors' book appears to be on point. Moreover, it's on time. A step-by-step guide to becoming a confident parent with brave and happy kids, anyone?

Renown for their online parenting site and tested training programs, the authors said of the new book launch, "Danes are grateful not only for Viking fortitude but for our devotion to family time. Our culture is built on unity for survival. We translate that into raising children with a dual sense of belonging and individuality. We build a healthy interdependence with what we call hygge. In America, you would call it a deep sense of acceptance. It's from this face-to-face sense of wellbeing that everything stems."

So how does the 5-step process to become a Viking Mom begin? It starts with taking care of one's self first. Easy to understand, realistic to put in place, the Viking Mom plan then moves to encompassing "happy hygge time" or a warm environment that promotes self-esteem with familial bonds. Next up is the risky play that endorses a child's ability to independently solve challenges and embrace resilience without parental interference. Family mealtime and the Viking superpower "I can do it!" attitude round out the sturdy five.

The authors add, "When a child knows they are loved by a mother who takes care of herself so she can have something to give, they inherently understand that's important. That grows personhood and self-esteem that says when life brings on a challenge there's no need to break. Much time spent in nature teaches that as well due to its enduring way. What's key here is, we believe that personal power steeped in loving bonds helps build strong families."

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Danish authors Mette Dahm and Mette Wismann are professional teachers and co-founders of The Viking Moms and The Kids' Manual. Applying the strengths found in their Viking and Danish culture, they've spent ten years researching happiness in family life and thus have helped thousands of families with their training programs.

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