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New Book Release - Don-A Juan, by Jenny Barnette Is a Comedy in Two Acts Inspired by Moliere's Scandalous, Daring Hero of Romance.


Sarasota, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2013 --Jenny Barnette’s book Don-A Juan, is a modern play of a female Casanova, a seductress in love with both life and love, while totally unaware of her actions.

Don Juan was a womanizer who did not discriminate. "What! You'd have a man tie himself down for the first pretty woman who takes fancy, and forsake the world for her, and never look at another?." Molière's Don Juan Act 1 Scene 2.

It was his God given duty to romance all women. He was vain, bold, relentless and pushed the limits for romance to epic proportions.

Don-A Juan represents the alter ego of every man and every woman in the height of their sexual maturity. To be seduced by love, life and desire without any social boundaries.

This comedy in two acts explores the life of such a woman, a clone of the famous Lothario, who is committed to her boyfriend, and yet overcome with uncontrollable desires to woo women of all types. What will Don-A do with this discovery and how will it affect her and the people in her life?

About Jenny Barnette
Jenny Barnette is an international writer, playwright, artist and sculptor. She started her career at a very young age in Kuwait. She published her first book at 17. Jenny worked as a journalist for a long time before switching to the arts. She studied theatre at KSU, and holds multiple degrees in other fields. "There is nothing I can't do once I put my mind to it. I believe that every person has a voice that needs to be heard. If you wait around doing nothing, then life will just pass you by. What I and you think matters. So go out and change the world."

A staged reading of Don-A Juan was directed by Vaughn Rian St James and produced at Area Stage Company on January, 2013 in Miami, Florida.

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