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New Book Release-Forty Types of PROOFS of Actual Totality, by Author Marcus Bergh

Forty Types of PROOFS of Actual Totality, by Marcus Bergh is a book whose proofs and detail provide the needed resolution to the ‘One World’ problem


Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2014 --Marcus Bergh’s, Forty Types of PROOFS of Actual Totality in its approach to unity is forty types of proof from non-existence to their combined sum. It features those universals, qualities, continua, kinds, and varieties of actual totality whose proofs are most certain.

Is there one world? There are a few claims to such a world, including the physical universe of science, God and religion, several philosophical systems and beliefs others have of the world around them. Certainly none of these can be the ultimate unified totality, although there is much truth in each. The answer is in the fusion of absolute and relative totalities that make actual totality.

Certainty of proofs produces axioms that are most recognizable as laws.

Each type of proof has different laws whose integration and representation give excellent proof of actual totality.

About Marcus Bergh
Author Marcus Bergh was born on October 24, 1921, in Grand Rapids Minnesota. His parents were professors at the Universities of Minnesota and Miami. He attended public schools in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida. He received a BS from the University of Miami, and MD from Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. Internship and residency training were, at Pensacola, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester NY, and Postgraduate education since. Residency work with the Atomic Energy Commission led to target theory that helped to confirm the unity of totality that has become central to actual totality. My profession as a physician and surgeon was in Orange Park, Florida from 1947-1991. It provided a great experience in the problems and solutions needed not only for physical and mental health, but also for the world in general. This led to two editions of The Relative Universe that was found to not fully answer the question, Is there one-world? This is why work on actual totality in the last few years has been the purpose of my life.

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