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New Book Release-Honour the Holy Ground, by Author James McKeon

Honour the Holy Ground , by James McKeon is a tale only the Irish can tell. One of hardship yet hope, of sadness yet joy - a tale of troubles and the land to the west.


County Cork, Ireland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2014 --James McKeon’s, Honour the Holy Ground is the story of Steven Kennedy's struggle to survive the poverty of post-war Ireland.

The night is dark and dreary,
we can scarcely see the moon
But still I live in hope to see,
the Holy Ground once more.
~Irish sea shanty

Steven Kennedy is one of seven Kennedy children born in a Railway Cottage in Kilbarry, Cork. Hard times arrive for the Kennedys and Steven is sent to live with his butch Aunt Agnes who owns a hotel in Dublin. The stern and eccentric ways of Aunt Agnes make life miserable for Steven, but thankfully Agnes’ partner Peg, as well as Agnes’ adopted daughter Molly makes life worth living.

Despite this life of poverty and hardship Steven is determined to reach for the stars and succeed. Steven has taken up acting in the local theatre to great success. His relationship with Molly grows and life suddenly has new meaning. However just when life begins looking up, the death of loved ones brings a darkness of deepest despair. It is often during life’s darkest times that hope will come unbidden.

About James McKeon
Author James McKeon is an Irish writer. Honour the Holy Ground is his 13th book. His biography, Frank O'Connor - A Life, is his best known work. Jim has also written many plays and appeared in numerous films. He lives in Cork City.

Keywords - IRA, Mafia, Cork, Ireland, NY, Boston, Kidnap, Dublin, Guns

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