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New Book Takes Stress, Guess Work out of Searching for a Job

Here Today, Hired Tomorrow offers templates, scripts, action plan and more.


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/08/2015 --Marketing executive and job-search blogger Kurt Kirton has written a new book that may forever change the way everyone—from new graduates to transitioning workers—conducts a job search.

Most people find themselves, at one point or another, back on the job market. Whether they've been fired, laid off, want to change careers or need to plan an exit strategy from their current job, they'll need to know much more than simply how to update their resumes. Kirton, an accomplished marketing professional and job-search blogger, has devised an exhaustively researched system that can help anyone find a job more quickly.

In Here Today, Hired Tomorrow, published by Yooper Publications and available in paperback or eBook formats, Kirton shares his own experiences with being laid off several times. He also offers insight from his conversations with recruiters, human resources experts and others who understand the struggle. In his trademark conversational tone, Kirton lays out an effective strategy for finding a new job, pointing out potential obstacles along the way and offering tips on how to turn challenges into successes.

"A season of being unemployed or underemployed is one of the most difficult times in your life," says Kirton, who blogs about job-seeking at www.KurtKirton.com. "But I want to emphasize that being diligent and approaching your search in a systematic way really pays off. This book will teach readers how to do targeted networking, provide them with customizable templates and offer plenty of quick lists to help expedite their job searches."

Incredibly, Kirton found himself in transition twice while writing Here Today, Hired Tomorrow. Instead of giving in to despair or shelving his writing for this project, he used the opportunities to deepen his knowledge base and expand his research. His book, which readers can sample online using Amazon's "Look Inside" feature, includes:

- A comprehensive job search plan with suggested action items
- Tips on making your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd
- Secrets on how to network your way into almost any company
- How to make yourself indispensable at your new job

"This book is for graduating seniors, people who've lost their jobs and those who are currently working but want a new position," Kirton says. "I give them everything they need to get from 'help me!' mode to achieving their goal—getting their ideal new job."

Here Today, Hired Tomorrow releases March 31st, 2015.

For more information or to request an interview with the author, please contact Kirton at 615-378-7673 or Kurt@KurtKirton.com

About Kurt Kirton
In Here Today, Hired Tomorrow, Kurt Kirton, a successful veteran job hunter, provides actionable advice and teaches his proven systematic approach to getting hired. He draws upon his years of recruiting for Brantley Services, his marketing consulting experience, personal job searches, and invaluable guidance from career professionals. When Kirton is not sharing his job search experience and advice on KurtKirton.com, he is a speaker, marketing consultant, graphic designer and the Secretary-elect for the Nashville chapter of the American Marketing Association.