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New Book, Winning Scholarships for College, Offers to Help Students Shrink Student Loans

A new book release from $400,000 scholarship winner.


Centreville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2018 --College tuition costs are on the upswing and so are student loan balances. According to a recent Forbes article, student loan debt, at $1.52 trillion, is now the second highest consumer debt category - behind only mortgage debt - and higher than both credit cards and auto loans. Students can now take control and tame their tuition costs while shrinking student loan balances with the latest edition of Winning Scholarships for College from Marianne Ragins, winner of more than $400,000 in college money and publisher of Contrary to conventional wisdom, students don't need killer grades, stratospheric standardized test scores or a killer throwing arm to make a college education affordable—they just need a copy of Winning Scholarships for College: An Insider's Guide to Paying for College (TSW Publishing; September 2018; $24.99) by Marianne Ragins.

As a high school senior, Ragins made headlines when she received a record-breaking $400,000 in scholarship funds. In the newly revised and updated fifth edition of her book, Winning Scholarships for College, she takes readers through a step-by-step process for finding and winning the money they need to pay for college. Containing numerous scholarship and college money resources, this classic guide will show you the path to scholarship success.

In the fifth edition, Marianne uses her knowledge of being a scholarship applicant, a mega scholarship winner, a scholarship committee judge, a scholarship sponsor, and a scholarship coach to help students get scholarships for college. She even includes chapters just for parents to help them understand their role in helping students navigate the scholarship process. With over 300 pages and nearly 40 chapters jam-packed with information, this is one of the most comprehensive books on winning scholarships available, revealing where and how to search for funds, and containing easy-to-follow instructions for the entire application process including detailed suggestions for essays with examples from the author's own highly successful scholarship search. The fifth edition also has information on hundreds of academic scholarships - from the most well-known resources to smaller, more localized funds. With Winning Scholarships for College, students can effectively finance the education they want and successfully pay for college with scholarships, grants, and awards.

Whether in high school, returning to or currently enrolled in college, this expanded fifth edition of Winning Scholarships for College is a one-stop guide for students and their parents that includes:

- Hundreds of invaluable resources for uncovering college aid opportunities, including awards for volunteer service, scholarships for middle class students, scholarships for homeschooled students, scholarships for students as young as age six, scholarships for current college students, scholarships for nontraditional students, scholarships for students who prefer not to write essays and scholarships for students without an A average

- The art of getting good recommendations and requesting nominations

- An inside look at how scholarship committees determine winners

- Special chapters to help parents understand the scholarship process and how they can effectively motivate and help their students

- No-fail test taking tips for scoring high on SAT and ACT

- Seventeen surefire ways to promote yourself during an academic interview

- Easy-to-follow guidelines for writing winning personal essays

- How to find money for Law School, Business School, Medical School, as well as graduate study in Engineering, Mathematics, and Sciences

- Information on using the Internet and social media to make your search easier

Winning Scholarships for College is the only comprehensive guide on the market detailing every step of the scholarship process. In the face of ever-rising tuition costs, Ragins' track record of success makes this book the most valuable resource a college-bound student can have, proving that with hard work and thorough planning, a college education can be affordable for anyone.

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About Marianne Ragins
Marianne Ragins is the founder and president of The Scholarship Workshop LLC and sponsor of the Ragins/Braswell National Scholarship and the "Leading the Future II" Scholarship. She graduated summa cum laude from Florida A&M University and received an MBA from George Washington University. She is also the author of College Survival & Success Skills 101, Senior Year Head Start and The Scholarship Monthly Planner. She currently travels the country lecturing on finding and winning college scholarships and other education-related topics. Learn more about her work at

Winning Scholarships for College
An Insider's Guide to Paying for College
—Fifth edition—
By Marianne Ragins
TSW Publishing (a division of The Scholarship Workshop LLC)

Publication Date: September 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9767660-4-9; $24.99; 326 pp.

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