Validated Automated Screening Technolgy

New British Integrity Screening System - the Answer to Child Safeguarding Issues

New technology announced to help prevent abuse of children


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/22/2018 --A brand new British screening instrument was launched last week at the Crimes Against Children conference (CACC) in Dallas. Heralded as a new breakthrough in screening technology, VAST (Validated Automated Screening Technology) was shown to have had major success when trialled for child protection issues in the UK.

Speakers at the conference confirmed that large numbers of people actively target Charities and Aid organisations in order to infiltrate their organisations and gain access to vulnerable young people and adults. The use of the VAST screening system would ensure that such people were identified long before entering the Aid sector thereby enabling the safety of victims of disaster throughout the world.

Calls have been made worldwide for charity leaders to provide new safeguarding procedures to help protect vulnerable children from offenders – but are they doing enough? An innovative technology company, VAST Screening Technology Ltd, has created an integrity screening system that could root out potential predators fast – helping to make Charity organisations safer for young and vulnerable people.

This new platform is able to provide organisations with bespoke integrity screening services using a twenty-minute screening questionnaire-based procedure. This allows organisations to develop standardised integrity screening systems for a range of experiences – from pre-employment checks to employee management audits.

VAST can provide trustworthy integrity screening for a range of child safeguarding organisations and works in any language making it ideal to screen charity workers both at home and overseas. The system gives instant, unbiased results using innovative and proprietorial algorithm technology, which allows charities to work quickly to identify those individuals who need closely scrutiny before embarking on aid work at home or abroad.

This integrity screening service could help change the safeguarding landscape within UK and Global Charity Organisations. Charities could deploy this screening solution to help improve public trust whilst improving overall child safeguarding policymaking.

Validated by King's College London, VAST was found to have an overall accuracy approaching 90% in truthful subjects and was proved to be unbiased, standardised and eliminated human error in interpretation of results, a major problem in integrity screening.

VAST Spokesperson, Pat Mellody, believes that the VAST integrity screening system will help improve tarnished reputations within a range of child safeguarding environments – from charities, churches, social services, youth services and beyond. Mr Mellody states, "We are excited about the prospect of helping to resolve many of our nation's child safeguarding problems using the VAST system and working in partnership with a range of child-centric safeguarding service providers. It is vital that all charities and aid organisations throughout the world work with us to use this new technology to ensure the protection of all vulnerable children and people in their care."

About VAST Screening Technologies Ltd
VAST Screening Technologies Ltd is an ambitious, pioneering and trustworthy integrity screening service provider. Established in 2016, with a range of input from world renowned experts in forensic psychophysiological detection of deception, neuroscience, physiology and computer science, with a ten-year development history. The aim was to create a user-friendly, accessible and trusted screening process service – our services are used by trade associations and a range of government agencies.

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