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New Business Coaching Program Uses Mindfulness Concepts to Build Entrepreneurial Skills


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2016 --What do yoga and mindfulness have to do with business? Deliver Your Vision and Mindful Business Meetup founder Adam Dudley says it's all about focus and discernment.

"Entrepreneurs have to juggle hundreds of inputs and tasks, and many of my clients find it incredibly challenging to focus on one thing at a time. Yoga and mindfulness are all about training yourself to cut out the noise and focus and discern what's really important in the moment. When you find that focus, your effectiveness and productivity go through the roof."

Dudley says that's what happened to him when he started practicing yoga and meditation several years ago and began incorporating those practices into his business.

"I went from feeling like I was beating my head against a brick wall trying to get clients to feeling like desirable results were happening almost effortlessly without a lot of struggle."

He decided to develop a business coaching method (Deliver Your Vision) and a recurring monthly event (Mindful Business Meetup) that would help entrepreneurs experience the same kind of transformation.

The larger business community is starting to recognize the positive effects of mindfulness and yoga practices on staff productivity and health. Apple, Google, GM, and Nike have started offering yoga, tai chi and meditation to their employees on a regular basis.

But the Deliver Your Vision program and the Mindful Business Meetup event series are taking it a step further, with the direct application of yoga  and mindfulness concepts to business situations.

"Most entrepreneurs come to me with different versions of the same problem. They start their days with a sense that there are a hundred things they could be doing, but knowing that there are only one or two things they should be doing. They haven't yet cultivated the ability to discern the most important thing to do next. That's where I come in with these mindfulness practices and am able to add a lot value."

Dudley's clients include coaches, consultants, independent professionals, and small business owners in industries ranging from therapists and healers to wholesale apparel and mobile app developers.

Lezlie Laws, a creativity coach and founder of LifeArt Studio, says she experienced rapid—almost effortless—progress. "Adam has given me strategies and templates that I couldn't have figured out myself. He has the unique ability to map out the big picture of the business process and then drop down to the micro-level and work on specific actions necessary to accomplish goals. I was surprised by how fast things started happening for the business after I started working with Adam."

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