New Clac Belt Is the Ultimate Accessory for Men and Women


The Woodlands, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2017 --Comfort and style are important in a belt and Texas-based company, Clac, has succeeded in achieving both with their new magnetic, real leather belt. Clac belt is made from top quality black or brown leather and has easy to swap buckles so the wearer can change the look of their belt according to their preference.

Clac belt is made with magnets hidden inside the leather. Due to these strong magnets, Clac belt is easy to put on and it sits perfectly in place on the waist. There is no surplus belt left hanging down from the waist since the magnets ensure the entire belt remains closed and locked neatly in place. There is no need for a buckle; the beautifully designed buckle with Clac belt is purely for aesthetic purposes. With a choice of four different designs in chrome, gold finish, black and chrome, and brown and chrome, the wearer benefits from a highly versatile accessory.

A fifth, limited edition buckle is available to those who act quickly and support Clac belts in their Kickstarter campaign. The limited edition Da Vinci buckle is available in black leather and chrome finish, or brown leather and chrome finish. Only 100 Da Vinci buckles will be made and each one will be engraved with the date of the donor's pledge and the belt's number in the sequence of 100 to show the belt is a Kickstarter Limited Edition.

Clac belt is made from genuine, top quality leather and is available in Light Brown, Perforated Black, Chocolate Brown and Black, and is suitable for men or women. A belt can be bought on its own or with a buckle and any belt can be combined with any buckle. Sizes are: small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. Clac belt is easy to adjust and can be loosened discretely with the thumb of one hand, which makes it incredibly comfortable after eating.

"The Clac belt will last forever since there are no holes to become stretched and the leather will not become marked or imprinted by a buckle," said Luis Rogelio, Founder of Clac Belt. "Simply thread it through the belt loops on your clothing and let the magnetic attraction do its work. It's easy to put on, looks and feels great, and stays comfortably in place until you want to take it off or swap it."

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