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New Cloud Commodity Management Platform from the Seam Proves Successful for Harvest Operations at Premium Peanut

Transforming the peanut industry, a new cloud-based commodity management software system from The Seam is praised by Premium Peanut who operates the single largest shelling facility in the United States. Premium gives the innovative platform its highest recommendation after completing their first month of harvest operations.


Memphis, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2016 --Offering real-time data with deep agricultural, regulatory and industry integrations for growers, buying points, and peanut shelling organizations, a new agri-software solution hits the ground running. Currently used by Premium Peanut who operates a state-of-the-art shelling facility located in a major peanut growing region in South Georgia, the newest solution from The Seam proves indispensable for streamlining harvest operations. Premium Peanut, the nation's largest and newest single shelling facility, recently gave their recommendation for the secure software solution; it lauded the agri-business platform for providing a modern solution with tight integrations with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Federal State Inspection Services, organizational, and industry affiliates.

"The U.S. peanut industry as a whole must find ways to differentiate ourselves to enable us to compete on a global level. One of the key challenges facing the industry is how to become more efficient in everything that we do to make us more competitive," said Karl Zimmer, CEO of Premium Peanut. "There is a critical need for modern, integrated systems in our industry that provide transparency, integrations, and real-time data for decision-making. We approached The Seam to develop a solution for Premium Peanut, and we and our seven buying points couldn't be more pleased with how our 2016 harvest is going."

The Seam's newest software is designed with foundational technology for providing commodity tracking capabilities from the shelling plant, through buying point storage and logistical movements, down to the producer farm location. This along with a vast feature-list of functionality, makes the web-based solution an attractive option for agri-businesses and their growers who increasingly look for ways to reduce costs and increase profits. With targeted functionality at is core, it aptly answers to efficiency, productivity, and accuracy in an industry where these principles are of the utmost concern.

Mark Pryor, CEO of The Seam said, "Our new commodity management platform truly raises the bar for what's expected of a modern software solution for agri-businesses. As a new leader in the peanut industry, Premium Peanut is an ideal partner for The Seam as we continue to work together to solve real business problems with innovative technology. In the past few weeks, the platform has successfully managed thousands of loads of farmer-stock peanuts for hundreds of growers and buying point businesses. An additional shelling organization has also come on-board."

The Seam's new agri-business solution provides a cloud-based hub for peanut shelling organizations to interconnect with their affiliate businesses. The platform includes the real-time status and value of stock, contracting, member commitments, grading data, and logistics management. KPI dashboards, daily position reporting, weight ticket management and system-guided workflows help streamline processes as well.

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About Premium Peanut
Premium Peanut was formed in the fall of 2014 and began shelling peanuts in January 2016. Its state-of-the-art shelling facility is located in a major peanut growing region in South Georgia.  It is the newest and largest single shelling facility in the U.S. with over 200 grower-owners and seven buying point businesses with 200,000 tons of Rated Plant Capacity.

About The Seam, LLC
The Seam® was founded by leading global agri-business companies and specializes in commodity trading and agricultural commodity management systems. In December of 2000, it began operating the world's first completely online exchange for cotton trading. Since that time, other commodities were added to the company's platforms. As a proven global leader in the agri-software space, the company has cleared or processed through its systems over $6 billion dollars in commodities.

Mark Pryor
Chairman & CEO, The Seam, LLC


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