New Concierge Service for Tech Questions Helps to Empower Those Struggling with Rapid Pace of Tech Through User-Friendly App, "Ask Poppy"


Middlesex, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2019 --As fast as the web evolves, and as rapidly as tech outgrows itself, that's how quickly and responsively the Ask Poppy app resolves users' questions about the changing nature of the digital landscape. Through a powerful but user-friendly app, the team behind Ask Poppy's development plan on empowering users, especially Baby Boomers having trouble navigating new tech and digital tools. A simple ask-and-answer interface coupled with a logical screenflow of events makes Ask Poppy the newest digital assistant in a long-line of emerging contemporaries. So move over Alexa and Siri, there's a new lady in town.

The popularity of the Ask Poppy service has caused the team at Poppy's Tech Aid to focus specifically on providing fast, efficient and accurate answers to tech-created questions. From navigating programs, tools and integrations, to step-by-step instructions, to troubleshooting one-off issues, the Ask Poppy app plans on leaving no question unanswered.

In essence, the app eliminates users' tendencies to go searching all over the web, gathering multiple sources, scouring them for accuracy, only to be left overwhelmed and without a resolution at the end of a tedious process. Since there are many people struggling with the fast-paced state of tech's evolution, Ask Poppy would aid users in finding solutions while eliminating issues with unhelpful operators, inadequate automated responses, limited "off-hours" availability, and multiple helplines to call for various hardware and software issues.

Along with this, Ask Poppy also reduces the number of customers who face issues like long hold times, automated voice messages, language barriers, and conversations that end in conflict between a tech support individual and a customer, simply due to lack of shared knowledge. Through its no-cost service, Garrett Erny, the brains behind Poppy's Tech Aid and the resulting app allows the user to ask their question and receive a direct reply from an actual human being, offering a qualified, vetted and researched response, along with provisional video and text resources where necessary. Ask Poppy's app also envisions allowing the user to follow up with the responder if they are not satisfied with the response. And, at the heart of it all rests Ask Poppy's simple interface and logical workflow.

This is what Ask Poppy's Kickstarter campaign focuses on: raising funds for the successful and robust development and implementation of a mobile app that requires no sign-up, no passwords, no profiles and yet completely personalized, human-sourced and vetted answers to the trickiest of "How to...?" queries. Functionality will include prompting the user with a screen for their name, email and tech question (spanning five words or more). A confirmation message pops up for the user while, in the backend, a support ticket is created for the support team through a connected CRM. Ask Poppy's promise to its users and the challenge to its backend team is a delivery of the response within 24 hours of receipt, including nights, weekends and holidays.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to provide backers and subsequent users with functional app versions for both the Android and iOS operating systems, available for purchase through the Google Play and App store, respectively. At particular levels of financial backing, however, backers are rewarded with perks such as a lifetime subscription to the app ($100 USD). For $50 USD, backers will receive a framed meme of their choice, and a pledge of $5 USD will earn backers limited edition tutorials via email, which will include how-to video content, one-page help guides and step-by-step directions on popular questions.