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New Denture Product Inspires Confidence


Vancouver, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/03/2017 --A new denture product that has hit the marketplace is transforming the way that people wear their upper dentures. This innovative breakthrough is called DenSureFit, and word about this soft denture reline kit is spreading like wildfire.

Upper dentures do not magically stay in place. There must be some type of bonding substance between the denture itself and the gums and the roof of the mouth to provide stability. Traditionally, adhesives have been used, but for many years people who wear dentures have been clamoring for a new denture product.

Why would these adhesives be so poorly received? First and foremost, they simply do not work very well. Yes, an adhesive application is better than nothing, but slippage is still very common. Some of these substances contain zinc, which can be a health hazard, and the adhesives taste terrible.

Plus, the taste does not necessarily subside once the adhesive sets, because there can be dripping down the back of the throat throughout the day. This is often catalyzed by the ingestion of hot liquids like soup, coffee, and tea. There is also a messy daily application process, and the nightly cleaning and scraping is tedious and inefficient.

The people at DenSureFit decided that there must be a better way, and they endeavored to create a new denture product that was similar to the denture reline solutions that dentists utilize. They found that silicone is the key, and this is the substance that is at the core of DenSureFit. There is no taste, there is no mixing, and there are no ongoing daily applications.

Once the product is applied to a denture the first time, the surface should be cleaned nightly, but no daily reapplication is necessary. A single application will last for weeks, and some users state that an application can actually last for months. Though the DenSureFit reline is long lasting, we should point out the fact that it should be looked upon as a temporary solution.

This new denture product provides a nice, comfortable fit, and the reline keeps the dentures in place, even when a user is eating foods like raw vegetables and fruits. It is getting fantastic reviews from people who have started using it, and you may want to give it a try if you are not satisfied with the denture adhesives that you have been using.

About DenSureFit
DenSureFit is a new denture product that is transforming the way that people keep their dentures in place.