New Device Aims to Help Athletes with Pacing


South Lake Tahoe, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2016 --Pace...Me is a new fitness wearable that aims to solve the problem of pacing for athletes. Created with swimmers in mind, this device can be used by any type of athlete. The Pace...Me device is designed to attach to a pair of swim goggles or fitness eyewear, so the lights are visible for the wearer at all times.

The device works by utilizing patent pending LED technology to alert the wearer to their target pace. Users input their desired split pace and can then adjust their pace based on the visual cues. If the light flashes before they reach the end of the split, they know that they need to speed up. If the light flashes after, they need to slow down.

Exercising at the wrong pace can be detrimental to athletes' performance when it comes to timing. For example, if an athlete starts a race too quickly, he or she will likely tire too quickly. Similarly, if they start out too slow, they may be too far behind to catch up by the end of the race or workout, even if they still have energy left over. Proper pacing allows athletes to take control, fight fatigue and finish strong. A vital tool that too many athletes overlook.

With the Pace...Me, athletes will have visual cues to help keep them on pace. Pace...Me aims to provide athletes with an alternative to audio and visual solutions, which can be difficult to detect. For athletes who like to listen to music while they work out, audio cues cannot be heard. While vibrations, they are often not felt during strenuous exercises. Particularly in the case of swimming, the water dampens the sound and vibrations, making them virtually impossible to detect.

To raise money to bring this product to market, Pace...Me has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The campaign has a funding goal of $15,000, of which it must generate the full amount by November 24, 2016 in order to receive funding. At the time of this release, the campaign has generated over $3,300.

Pace...Me has already produced several prototypes, so the funds generated will go towards making final tweaks to the product and beginning the first rounds of mass production. Pace...Me aims to begin shipping the product to customers in January 2017.