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New Digital Shopping Concierge Service Allows Shopping via Text Message

Customers can order from Voilà through SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2016 --New service Voilà is a digital shopping concierge that allows users to shop for anything using only text messages.

"Our mission is to simplify the shopping process," a spokesperson for Voilà said. "Instead of a customer having to do research online, they can simply send one of our staff a message asking for what they'd like, and we do all the hard work of finding the best choice and the best price."

Users text "Hi" to +65 8350 1432 via either SMS or popular chat service WhatsApp, send a message through Facebook Messenger at or visit and enter their mobile number. One of Voilà's team of personal shoppers responds and helps the user find what he or she needs.

The free-to-use service works with merchants across Singapore and around the world, and can help users shop for nearly anything, the spokesperson said.

"People can place orders for groceries, or they can buy clothes, accessories, laptops, tablets, wine, flowers and even hotel bookings. We also work with hundreds of restaurants, so someone can order food and have it delivered in under an hour. And there's no markup on anything bought through Voilà—people pay the same as they would if they'd ordered it themselves."

Customers have been thrilled with the service so far. One user posted a review on Facebook recommending Voilà to others.

"Very responsive and polite staff," she wrote. "The service was fast also. I just ordered a skincare item, but I'm thinking about ordering groceries and other stuff already. It can save me a lot of time and effort."

Consumers are always connected via their smartphones, the company spokesperson said, but that isn't always the best way to shop.

"Sometimes it can be a lot easier and a lot faster to hand off a purchase to someone who's in front of a computer screen and knows how to find products quickly," the spokesperson said. "That's what we offer users—a faster, more convenient and personal shopping experience."

The service has plans to expand its offering to include more products based on customer demand, as well as launch an app that will connect users directly with a personal shopper. New merchant partners are being added regularly, the spokesperson said, ranging from large retail operations to locally owned businesses. It's also working on even more personalized and targeted shopping options.

"Say you want sushi delivered for you and your partner," the spokesperson said. "You could say 'I'd like our regular sushi order,' and we would already have that information—your favorite sushi place, what you usually order, your payment information and your address. We'd be able to automatically create that order and send it to you. It's an entirely new way to think about ordering anything you can imagine."

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About Voilà 
Voilà is a personal shopping concierge service that allows you to shop for anything on-demand simply via text messaging.