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New Digital Toolkit Helps Couples Avoid Breakdown

Learn the healthy relationship habits that matter.


Springfield, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2021 --The Healthy Love Academy is announcing the launch of it's new 'Healthy Love Relationship Kit' - designed to empower and equip individuals and couples with the tools and confidence they need to improve communication and achieve stronger, more stable relationships.

Many people have found the past year harder than any other in terms of their relationships. The stress of living in a global pandemic and the restrictions that have come with it have forced couples to spend more time together at home than might be healthy and caused others to live apart and rely on Whatsapp and Zoom conversations for emotional fulfilment. The situation would put pressure on any relationship, so good communication is vital.

The Healthy Love Relationship Kit doesn't promise any neat tricks to make your partner behave as you want, or teach any psychological manipulation techniques. It is based on the healthy habits of real couples who have gone the distance through thick and thin, and aims to share how they maintain a healthy, balanced relationship that is loving and fulfilling for both parties.

Through a series of guided meditations and videos, those who use the Healthy Love Relationship Kit will reflect on their own relationships and gain a better understanding of how to improve and optimize their communication techniques with their partner. The kit is all digital, so is easy to access and use at home, in the car, while out for a walk or whenever you need a moment to calm down, get clear and move forward.

The Healthy Love Academy was founded by Mediator and Relationship Coach Shawna Leady. As a divorce mediator, she has listened to hundreds of couples share their stories about how couples work together and what events led to relationship break down. It is through this huge wealth of shared experience that she has gained a deep understanding of the conflicts and stumbling blocks that can make an otherwise great relationship fall apart, and how to work through them to make the relationship stronger.

About The Healthy Love Academy
The Healthy Love Academy's mission is to promote, teach and support those who are interested in improving the overall health and quality of their relationship through workshops and guided mediations.

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Feedback from previous clients:

"It's too bad American schools don't teach the basics of how to communicate and work together. Everyone should learn these habits. These workshops are worth their weight in gold." Stephanie, TX

"I wish I knew this material when I was younger, it would have saved me serious heartache." John, CA

"You might think these habits sound simple, but in practice they are quite powerful. Who knew?" Mary, IL

"The guided mediations are the best. They have helped me work through what I thought I wanted and helped me discover what I needed from my husband." Michelle, IL.

If you would like more formation about the Healthy Love Relationship Kits, please call Shawna Leady at 217-381-9617 or email contact@healthyloveacademy.com.