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New Dimension Cleaning & Restoration Offers New Services to Massachusetts and Beyond

New Dimension Cleaning & Restoration receives new licensing to apply MicroSeal Stain, UV and wear protector to fabrics and carpets. The eco-friendly carpet and fabric protector assures customers their furnishings will resist wear, sun and stains. It can even reduce fire and smoke in the event of a disaster.


Foxboro, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2015 --Taking superior cleaning to a whole new level, New Dimension Cleaning & Restoration has been awarded a license by Maximilian Industries, LLC. The license enables New Dimension to apply MicroSeal Fabric Protector in Massachusetts and New England. The game-changing product is an eco-friendly permanent fabric protector that helps resist stains, sun fade and wear. Used as a carpet protector, as well as on upholstery and drapes, the product gives prolonged life to some of the loveliest parts of customer's homes and offices.

Raising a new industry standard, New Dimension Cleaning sets integrity and honesty as the cornerstone of their service. Anthony Miklaszewski, CEO of the growing company said of the new opportunities the fabric protector licensing will bring, "We couldn't be happier to pass this incredible product on to our customers. It'll help to reduce permanent stains and help save high traffic areas from being destroyed from overuse. The MicroSeal protector basically makes all our lives easier and because it does, our customer base has grown by leaps and bounds. We're thrilled with the new opportunity to serve a wider market with our increased services."

New Dimension Cleaning offers the MicroSeal Fabric Protector to residential and commercial customers, as well as in aircraft and yachts. Most fabric protectors can be worn off or even washed off. It is not necessary to reapply the MicroSeal protector, this products works with nano technology and is permanent. It works organically in that it replenishes the wool fiber's natural protective agent. This is an agent that sheep produce to protect their coat. Without it the wool is subjected to faster deterioration, which results in wear, and permanent staining. When protected by MicroSeal, even silk blend rugs can be given sun fade resistance, stain and wear protection. MicroSeal penetrates into the wool fiber to the inner cortex and protects from the inside out.

So what does all this mean to the customer? It means MicroSeal carpet protector will also serve as an upholstery protector that protects against sun damage that results in fading. Impressively, the eco-friendly fabric protector will also guard against fire and smoke spread. It also comes with a lifetime service warranty with every application.

Miklaszewski adds, "MicroSeal will increase the life of your carpet dramatically. Dirty spots are easier to clean with less agitation and many of them are removed easily with just a damp towel. A fabric's texture and color won't be subjected to change and it will shield against mildew and static. It's just an incredible product."

New Dimension Cleaning & Restoration suggests applications of the MicroSeal Fabric Protector to wools, cottons, silk, synthetics, suedes and leather.

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