New Documentary, World of Skins, Peeks Under the Surface at the in-Game Items Industry


Vienna, Austria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2017 --Video games are an ever-popular pastime for people around the world, and the sale and trade of in-game items (skins) can be an incredibly lucrative one. A new documentary, entitled, World of Skins, aims to explain this growing industry to gamers and general audiences, showing them how it all works and how it is possible to generate an income in this field.

The film uses Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) as its example to showcase the skins community. This popular game features one of the largest selections of virtual weapons and other items, making it an ideal choice for illuminating the in-game item trade. In 2016 alone, the skins industry generated over $48 billion in revenue, so this is an area that avid gamers will definitely want to pay attention to.

World of Skins centers around five key celebrities in various facets of the industry who share their stories of how they earn money by designing, collecting, trading and streaming about CS:GO skins. TheRoflMonster is a skin trader who livestreams transactions and demonstrates how to obtain rare or special items in the game. Sparkles is a professional gamer with over two million YouTube subscribers for his channel about skin history and insights. SLIMEface is a designer who has created 11 official CS:GO skins. McSkillet is the most popular online source for news and rumors related to skins. SkYlineR is a skin collector and has amassed the most exclusive collection of skins in the game.

To assist with the production of this documentary, creator Richard Haderer launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign has a funding goal of $29,219 and will run until August 3. At the time of this release, it had generated over $1,100 and must reach the full amount in order to receive the funding. To thank backers for their contributions, Haderer is offering a variety of rewards at increasing donation levels. Prizes include movie posters, t-shirts, DVD and Blu-Ray copies of the film and replica in-game items. He aims to complete the documentary and begin shipping rewards by March 2018.

About Richard Haderer
Filmmaker Richard Haderer is a Counter Strike player and YouTube enthusiast. Before working on World of Skins, he worked on a movie, Project Silva, in 2013. His resume also includes commercials for McDonald's, Electronic Arts and Toyota.