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New Donald Trump Gaming App: An Indian Mobile Game App Developer Plays Games with Donald Trump

A mobile game app developer in Kolkata, India has created a whimsical mobile gaming app called Thump It Up! to commemorate the historical 2016 United States presidential election of Donald J Trump.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/22/2016 --A new mobile game designed to commemorate the historical 2016 US presidential election of Donald J Trump, is now available in the Google Play. Store. The mobile game app called "Thump It Up" was developed by Subhranil Dhar, an animator / app developer in Kolkata, India. The ideas behind the game developed, as Mr Dhar watched the US presidential campaign on internet at the urging of his US partner, who resides in Indiana, the home state of Vice President Elect, Mike Pence. In an "East meets West", "India encounters Indiana" real life story line, Mr Dhar put Indian talent to work to create a humorous American themed game--- a sort of "Donald Thump takes the White House." The game is being produced by the visual media business of Mr Dhar and his partner, called Sand and Sky Productions, which creates mobile applications and animations and can be found at The Thump It Up gaming app itself can be found at

The game begins as Thump It Up players move the Donald Trump character through a number of obstacles and opponents recognizable to US audiences from the 2016 campaign. Players help Donald Thump "thump" his enemies with hammers, jump over obstacles, strategically use razors, magnets and jet-packs....and "thump" his way to the White House to win the game. The game also has a Facebook interface so that game scores can be shared on Facebook with friends. In-app purchases are available to increase the super powers of Donald Thump, although the game itself is freely available on Google Play.

When asked to describe his inspiration for the game, Subhranil Dhar said,"While I designed the Thump It Up game to produce a little whimsical fun, it's other purpose is to celebrate with Americans. We in India, have been following this election closely and the Hindu Nationalists here have especially been fond of Donald Trump and his views. We believe that strong leadership is needed in the world and are glad to hear our American friends have decided to elect Mr Trump based on these views. The game is only an outgrowth of these feelings," continued Mr Dhar.

Thanks to it's unusual East-West connection, the Thump It Up game has found an enthusiastic audience in India and in the United States. Players on both sides have reported becoming fixated with the game—perhaps not unlike the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump itself.

Mr Dhar, who created all of the colorful Thump It Up graphic art, game play design, and animation, also expedited the build of the game with his app development team to bring the game to Google Play on the very day of the election. He stated, "We felt confident that Trump would win and wanted to position ourselves as the first pro-Trump game in the marketplace as a form of support. It has been a very happy experience for me and I hope Mr Trump and many Americans will hear about our work and appreciate our efforts."

The growing ThumpItUp mobile game fan base can be followed on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Android App version of the game can be downloaded at the Google Play store at and the iOS version is expected to be in the App Store shortly.

More information on the free Thump It Up gaming app can also be obtained on the website at

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