New Eco-Friendly Sanitation Product Claims to Bring Cost Savings, Environmental Friendliness, and Added Convenience


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2018 --Consumers looking for ways to reduce waste, save money, and add convenience to disposal could be about to benefit from a new option, The San. Can.

The San. Can comes from the inventive mind of California entrepreneur and innovator Anthony Arriaga. It also aims to answer a key question: with increasing awareness of the harmful impact of plastics on the environment of the lands and oceans, what can be done to roll back the use of plastics?

The San. Can shares an appearance with a more traditional kitchen garbage can, but it comes with key differences. First, the manufacturing process will use 100 percent recycled plastic.

The design of The San. Can enables users to break it down into several pieces for conventional dishwasher cleaning, which is convenient for the user but also a potential area for environmental harm. Dishwasher cleaning has been found to be damaging to the environment thanks to its reliance on synthetic chemicals, an issue which many product engineers have yet to address. The San. Can's design team claims to have found a solution to this problem, however, and have introduced innovative cleaning tablets to their range of products which contain no harmful chemicals. These cleaning tablets can also be used to clean dishes in the dishwasher so consumers can clean their everyday dishes without usng any harmful chemicals.

Finally, The San. Can reduces the need to use traditional plastic bags that harm the environment and especially creatures of the sea. Users can utilize special bags designed specifically for The San. Can and The San. Can takes it a step further by providing these biodegradable bags in various sizes making eco-friendly products avaiable to all consumers. The bags are compostable yet very durable.

The Kickstarter campaign offers a variety of rewards for pitching in to help get the product off the ground, from ambassador cards and subscription to a monthly newsletter for a donation of five dollars to a trip to California's Channel Islands for a gift of $1,500.

The San. Can started as an idea. It attracted a team of experts in design and production to make it ready for market. The company that created this eco-friendly product now is looking for capital to start production and get it into stores. It is hoped that help from Kickstarter participants will not only get The San. Can to market, but will also start rolling back the area's addiction to plastic and help to restore the environment.