Bruin Financial Management

New Economic Chart Has Fake News Panicking


Corte Madera, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2020 --Bruin Financial Management has developed a quick cheat sheet on how to discern authentic economists from manufactured experts (posing as economists) and hackademics (some of which are bought off dishonest actors and some of which are just hacks) among public intellectuals and celebrity academics who often talk about economic related issues on TV and in print.

It's not hard to spot these people when you know some of their common tells. They seem to be following a script. While everyone has their blind spots, anyone of the discrepancies covered in the chart should at least raise eyebrows, and any combination of two or more is rather dispositively indicative of a dishonest actor or hack.

The chart can be downloaded for free here: pdf version or image version.

In the age of intensified fake news, about five conglomerates own about 90% of the US media and often act as propaganda arms for the other companies under their umbrellas and their advertisers including many, many a military weapons and surveillance equipment manufacturer.

The problem of fake news cannot be overstated. Fake news seeks to take advantage of those in our society with the lowest mental capacity, including taking advantage of the cognitive decline of old people, many of which now believe the Russians, Chinese, and Mexicans are coming to get them.

If you or someone you know consumes TV news either for entertainment, work, or in hopes of being informed, this chart can be an invaluable resource for discerning whether you are being lied to.

Further, this chart can also be an invaluable primer for TV hosts for use in pushing back on clowns they are forced to interview by their bosses, thus forcing said clowns to tell the truth or directly lie rather than just getting away with lying by omission.