New Estate Administration Automation Software Feature from Emergent Cuts "To Do" Time for Probate

Emergent makes estate management almost simplistic with a new timesaving feature that merges information with just the input of one integral date.


Mississauga, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2018 --Estate Administration just got easier for law firms already using Emergent's Estate Planning & Vault Manager software. The company recently announced the launch of their most simplistic feature yet. Designed to merge information into the Estate Administration side of the software, law firms need only enter the date of death for the deceased. From there, the software will merge all documentation needed to complete the process from the application for probate, to an affidavit for beneficiaries, to other administrative tasks.

So how does such a simplistic tool work to cut administrative time for law firms in Canada? It starts with Emergent's Estate Planning & Vault Manager software. All the information needed to draft Wills, Powers of Attorney, Personal Directives, Representation Agreements, Enduring Powers of Attorney, codicils, retainer letters and reporting letters for a client are entered into a simple and intuitive profile for the will maker. When a client passes away, and the firm is employed to help manage the documents necessary to administer the estate, they can do so simply. They no longer need to enter all the necessary information about the estate tirelessly into the Estate Administration program to get the benefit of automation. All that's necessary is to enter the date of the death. Intuitively, the system will automatically copy all of the relevant information to the Estate Administration side of the software. From there, the law firm can easily updates the assets and merge all the required documents and government forms. The process is completed in minutes.

Darren Cooper, President, and CEO of Emergent said, "We're so happy to roll out this creative feature designed specifically for estate administration. By just entering the date of death into our Estate Planning & Vault Manager program, law firms save an abundance of time in locating information and data entry. The creation of every form and letter necessary to complete the estate is on hand, finished, and ready to go to the necessary recipients."

Integral for either a contested estate for an uncontested estate in Canadian provinces, Emergent's Estate Administration software automatically merges various forms and letters needed when administering an estate, power of attorney, guardianship or trust. Emergent's Estate Administration software works in tandem with their Estate Planning & Vault Manger software for law firms in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan and also fully integrates into Emergent's WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax software for automatic calculation of executor's compensation, gains and losses, and generation of a Statement of Account for distribution to executors and trustees, or the court.

For more information visit the http://www.emergent.ca.

About Emergent
Emergent is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and provides the marketplace with document creation and file management software. The software is available on a fee-per-file basis. Some of their products include Canada's first two-way integration for Initial Notice/Notice of Change filings for corporations in Ontario, and software for the integration of corporate records, wills, and probate.

About Estate Administration
Estate Administration is the most comprehensive and robust estate automation software solution in Canada. The software is specially designed to automate all the documents and government forms needed to administer contested or un-contested estates in Ontario, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia. The software has been available since 1997 and is used by Canada's most respected legal professionals.

Darren Cooper
President & CEO, Emergent