New 'Face the Consequences' Universal Expansion Pack Keeps Any Party Going


Detroit, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2019 --Those passionate about the world of gaming will finally be able to extend game-play through an innovative universal card expansion pack called "Face The Consequences," now debuting as a Kickstarter campaign. Created by the passionate team Tainted Brain, Face The Consequences (also known as FTC) is intended to make table-top and board games far more interactive and engaging by essentially punishing the losers. Since every game that has winners has losers, this can be applied to nearly any game – and all players need is a group of friends that enjoy each other's company.

The idea behind Face The Consequences is to make current games more flexible and fun. Players use the FTC deck in conjunction with almost board game or card game of their choice – even one that they've gotten tired of. Each FTC card has a "consequence" the losing player has to perform. These range from the silly to the truly ridiculous, including challenges like, "Tape your mouth shut!" and, "Dress in as many articles of clothing as you can!"

Creativity and a willingness to play with each other, as adults, is what the expansion pack both promotes and relies on. Users are encouraged to remain in the moment and fulfill the challenge to the best of their ability. Tainted Brain suggests users vary up the excitement levels by choosing either the worst card, picking the slowest player, or opting for the person who broke a house rule to "face the consequences" as punishment. While the game essentially "punishes" the chosen "loser," the game has a very positive spin and everyone ends up participating and having a blast.

Face The Consequences comes with a core box of 100 cards of consequences and challenges and is appropriate for all ages. There is also an NSFW or "Not-Safe-For-Wimps" version intended for adults 21 and older, which promises to be just as engaging while upping the ante on the level of risqué. Still, it's all in good fun and it's one backers will want to get in on.

Face The Consequences was funded in just one day on Kickstarter, where the project is live now. Several reward levels include the core All Ages deck or the NSFW for $20 USD each. Meanwhile, those who can't decide and want both can pledge at a level of $36 USD. Backers at the fourth level, pledging $125 USD, will be able to create their own consequences, along with two packs of the standard and NSFW deck.

Given the levels of success, the team at Tainted Brain has stretch goals that include 20 extra cards for each of the decks, with more to come.

As this project has a universal application to almost any game, the team is confident Face The Consequences will make a big splash in the retail markets following the campaign.