New Fantasy Card Game Launched on Kickstarter Allows Donors to Be Part of the Game


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2016 --Aficionados of the fantasy genre and tactical card game enthusiasts will be excited to hear about a new card game launched on Kickstarter this month, called Canasticus. The innovative team behind Canasticus are offering donors the opportunity to actually become one of the characters, in the form of a personalized fantasy character.

Fantasy artist, Tim Darlaston-Williams, will create a character such as a wizard, elf, assassin, knight, or queen, which will be replicated from a photograph. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London, the character Tim draws will be unique, intriguing, and a close representation of the photograph he receives. As long as the player consents, it could be played as part of the deck by millions of people around the world. Alternatively, players can choose an incognito option, where the character appears only in the purchaser's deck.

Canasticus is based on the rules of Canasta, a hugely successful card game from the family of Rummy games, which became a global craze in the 1950s. Canasticus builds on the appeal and addictive nature of card games such as Canasta by utilizing engaging fantasy characters akin to those that might be found in Game of Thrones and Lord of The Rings. The hugely popular fantasy genre is now mainstream, and Canasticus' designers feel that adding a fantasy dimension to an already tried and tested formula will prove to be an overwhelming success.

"We want people to put down their phones and devices for an hour or so and socially interact by playing a really cool game together," said designer Tim Williams.

Donors can choose how many characters they would like personalised in their deck, which makes gameplay even more fun to play with friends or team-mates. Donors can also link their decks with friends' decks at the time of ordering, or can opt instead for a deck without a customised character if they prefer.

About Canasticus
Canasticus is for two to six players and can be played in teams. A deck of cards consists of 108 cards divided between 15 different character types, including wizards, sorceresses, demons, knights, assassins, giants and more. Each character type has a different score amount and the aim of the game is to win battles and make campaigns based on points values. The first player or team to reach 5000 points is the winner.

To find out more about the Kickstarter campaign and how to be a donor, visit the following link: 10% of the profits raised in the campaign will go to charities including Cancer Research and Marie Curie Cancer Care.