New Film, the Lagoon, Will Help Puerto Rico Rebuild After Hurricane Maria


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2017 --A film about a woman fighting terminal cancer has much in common with the victims of Hurricane Maria and will shed light on two extremely worthy causes. The film, called The Lagoon, will raise awareness of The Fight Against Cancer and The Rebuilding of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

"Our heroine in the film is battling stage four cancer but she refuses to accept her fate," explains Natalie Burn, actress and producer of The Lagoon. "She embarks on a journey of determination and sacrifice and experiences survival of the human spirit. We can draw parallels with the people of Puerto Rico, and those that help them, who show true personal strength and are forced to fight devastating challenges in the wake of the catastrophic Hurricane."

The category four hurricane ripped through the island in September 2017 and was the strongest for more than 80 years. It has left people without clean drinking water or food, and hospitals operating on backup generators which are running out of fuel as we speak.

The film will help in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico by giving back to its economy and creating opportunities for locals. It will also stimulate tourism by highlighting the enchanting beauty of the Caribbean Island and its three spectacular bioluminescent bays. The water in the bioluminescent bays contain microorganisms which glow a radiant blue when disturbed creating a sight that is described as being like glowing diamonds.

The bioluminescent bays will be featured in The Lagoon since it is here that the film's protagonist ventures to find a miracle cure. She uncovers information on a cure, created by a doctor in Puerto Rico, that centers on an enzyme which is located in "The Devil's Lagoon." The lagoon holds the secrets of the island and unknown mysteries and her journey turns into a thrilling adventure in the rainforest where only those with a "pure heart" can survive.

The Spanish Conquistadors called the bioluminescent bays "The Devil's Lagoon" because they regarded them as a gateway to Hell and condemned them as blasphemous. The indigenous Taino Indians, however, considered the bioluminescent bays as beautiful, sacred places.

The Lagoon will star Natalie Burn, actress and producer, who comes from a background of ballet and choreography, having danced at the Bolshoi Ballet and The Royal Ballet Theatre in London. Burn has her own production company, 7Heaven Productions, and has appeared in feature films, TV shows and shorts with the likes of Mel Gibson, Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Alba, Jason Statham and many others.

Dario Torres, from Puerto Rico, is campaign editor and co-story creator, and Jose Z. Cassella will be director. An award-winning cinematographer, Cassella has directed over 600 national and international TV commercials, music videos for international superstars including Mana and Shakira, and an array of feature films including the hit horror film, The Sacred.

A female lead has been chosen in keeping with 7Heaven Productions' aim to empower women in an underrepresented industry. The film is expected to include two known Hollywood actors.

The film's creators have launched a campaign on indiegogo to raise the remaining funds, to spread the word for those wanting to be a part of this movie from its inception and to bring awareness to the causes it is going service. Various reward levels are available offering donors a chance to have dinner with Natalie Burn, a personally driven Maserati around LA for eight hours, Natalie Burn's red carpet dress, and even a walk-on, speaking, or death role in the film, as well as portable restroom kits that contributors can donate themselves to those in need in Puerto Rico. A donation from the campaign will be made to families in need on the Island.

The film will appear on platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Redbox and Showtime, and retail stores like Target and Walmart, as well as being distributed worldwide.

To make a donation, please visit the Indiegogo page here: