Open-Book Coaching

New Firm Helps Companies Improve Results Through Open-Book Management

Open-book veterans Bill Fotsch and John Case launch new company


Villa Hills, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2013 --More and more business owners these days are looking to strengthen their company through open-book management. Now there’s a new firm that’s aiming to help them: Open-Book Coaching (

“Open-book management is a proven methodology for improving nearly any business,” says founder Bill Fotsch, who trained at Harvard Business School and Bain & Company before embarking on a career as an open-book coach. “It not only boosts results, it greatly increases the level of employee engagement.”

Though the company is new, Fotsch is no novice at open-book management. His clients over the past 20 years have ranged from giants such as Southwest Airlines and BHP-Billiton to small family-owned businesses and partnerships. Many have testified to the value of his work:

- “Bill has given me the tools to grow my business at least 20% over the past three years….Once we started using the principles of open-book management, there was an immediate, positive change in attitude here.” —Clay Blevins, president, Comfort Supply, Tennessee
- “Bill turned us into True Believers in open-book management and helped us rekindle the successful concept that frontline employees truly do have the answers required to continue on our road to a profitable, rewarding and FUN future.” —Kent Roper, pilot, Southwest Airlines
- “Bill’s knowledge, expertise, and help have been invaluable to us. He has given us direction and provided us with simple solutions to problems we thought to be complex. We would not have received a lot of the recognition we have without his influence on our business.”—Mark VandeWege, general manager, Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Maryland

Joining Fotsch in the new company is author John Case, whose book Open-Book Management is regarded as a classic in the field. Case will be Open-Book Coaching’s director of content, responsible for its website and other intellectual property.

“Open-book management means treating employees as partners in the business, helping them understand how to move the financial needle in the right direction,” Case explains. “And if they’re successful, they get a piece of the action.”

Disruptive approach

Open-Book Coaching plans to disrupt the traditional consulting model by offering clients targeted interventions at low cost. Screen sharing and other new technologies allow much of the coaching work to be done remotely, saving clients’ time and money.

In addition, the company often ties part of its compensation to clients’ results. “We try to put our money where our mouth is,” says Fotsch. “CEOs appreciate that you have skin in the game.”

Prospective clients can contact Bill Fotsch at For more information about open-book management in general, please contact John Case at