New Fitness Workout Strengthens Core and Eliminates Back Pain


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2018 --A stronger core is the key to better physical health. A well-trained core is also a good way to improve back pain or eradicate it completely. While there are many core-focused fitness workouts, they often involve bulky machines that aren't cost effective. The MARRKO CORE system changes all of this.

Inventor Martin Kofro got the idea for the MARRKO CORE after his military service. He suffered a spinal injury in the field. He came home in unbearable pain, thinking his life as a healthy, mobile man was over. Finally, he found some relief by attending physical therapy. Then he began a mission to find a better fitness tool to help with back pain, turning a room in his house into a fitness lab. That's when, by a happy accident, he discovered that a knotted rope could be the answer. "Such a simple thing canĀ“t be so effective," he kept telling himself. But the opposite was true. MARRKO CORE proves that simple ideas tend to be genius.

This simple idea began to grow. Kofro engaged with universities for prototype designing and testing. The studies found that it was comparable to all tools used for deep core muscles workouts by professional athletes. In certain parameters, MARRKO CORE tests reveal even better results.

Not only does MARRKO CORE have the ability to improve back pain, it's also a great system for core strengthening. It can enhance posture, resolve muscle imbalance, and expand range of movement. It burns calories and aids athletes in achieving better results.

The MARRKO CORE works both the upper and lower body, including all core muscles. It works the torso rotators, creating a slim waste. Contraction of deep core muscles provides segmental stabilization of the spine, which develops better posture. The MARRKO workout can be adjusted by intensity and weight of the tool. It weighs only 10 oz. and fits in your pocket. It's an easy, effective workout that most anyone can do.

Kofro said of the journey of MARRKO CORE, "My goal is to spread the word and broaden its impact into the world of physical therapy. This tool can make a difference in the lives of millions across the globe that are suffering and not living their fullest lives."

The next step for the MARRKO CORE is raising necessary funds to manufacture the product to scale and promote it properly in a variety of channels. Learn more about the crowdfunding project here. The campaign launches February 1, 2018.

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