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New Flight Charters Sales Surge in Q1 2008

Private Jet Charter Leader Sees Year-Over-Year Growth Of 37 Percent


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2008 -- Private jet charter leader New Flight Charters experienced a 37 percent surge in sales in the first quarter of 2008 over the first quarter of 2007, demonstrating continued strong business growth and demand for the company’s jet charter brokerage services.

“Our business is delivering reliable personal service with the best rates and equipment in the industry,” said Rick Colson, New Flight Charters’ President. “We serve top executives and leading corporations who are making New Flight Charters their private jet solution of choice, and our Q1 results reflect this leadership standing. Flyers are gaining a better understanding the private jet marketplace and seeing more value in our service. We are having more and more clients come from the jet card companies for our pricing and choice of aircraft for each separate flight. The large up front buy-in for a jet card as a volume discount is a myth.”

New Flight Charters offers a choice of several aircraft options for each trip, in contrast to most private jet companies who offer only one model of aircraft or only a general size category with nothing specific. The jet card companies then will send the most profitable jet for the trip, not necessarily the best for the client’s need. New Flight Charters clients can choose their own specific aircraft and amenities.

For example; a recent private charter request for a 4-day round-trip departing San Diego with stops in Chicago and Denver for ten passengers. The client preferred a large cabin jet with room to move around. The total flight time was 8.5 hours and New Flight Charters offered the following choices for the client, prices are all-inclusive:

Challenger 601, $45,793
Gulfstream III, $47,230
Gulfstream IV, $56,885
Gulfstream V, $74,227

The client viewed cabin photos, dimensions and seating diagrams for each, and chose the Gulfstream IV as their personal preference of comfort and price for their trip. Jet card companies pricing for the same trip ranged from $91,700 to $124,200 for the same size class of aircraft.

About New Flight Charters
New Flight Charters provides on-demand private jet and aircraft charters worldwide with premium level service. Founded in 2003, New Flight Charters quickly became a leader in private aviation and a top echelon flight service provider. Most recently, in 2007 New Flight Charters increased revenue by 31 percent over the year prior and saw its number of return clientele double. The company ended the year with more than 1,600 customers flown to 312 airports in 14 countries. Among its customers, New Flight Charters is known for exceptional, reliable service, streamlined charter arrangements, high safety standards and no-surprise billing. The company has an accident-free charter history. New Flight Charters senior managers also carry personal FAA Airmen Certification. For more information, visit