New Flipping Book Software Is Available at for Visual Culture


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2016 --With the advancements in technologies, the way of communicating and dispersing information has also become digital. People look for and get attracted towards eye catching presentation of the information. Understanding this rapid change, AnyFlip, the expert provider of flipping book software, has presented its software as a highly effective mean for businessmen to create a visual culture in their businesses and make information available to their customers in the form of interactive flipping book.

The company representatives said that their flipping book software has been enriched with unique and powerful features which aid the user to convert a plain content into immensely attractive flipping book form. "All that this software need is an input in plain PDF format and what it yields after processing is an amazing flipping book that catches the eyes in first look", they said.

The specialty of the software is the amazing transitions and life-like book reading experience that it provides to the readers over any device. It allows them to go through the information by flipping through the pages as they would have done with the hard copy of the document. This gives them a real-life feel in the digital format.

The software, which has numerous features, turns the content into highly interactive and eye-catching form. It's powerful animation effects, the inbuilt themes, the capabilities of adding any media file, video, audio, image, slideshow etc in to the content, and much more makes it an immensely impressive software. Further, it needs no coding at all and all the work can be carried out with a few clicks. So it also aids the users who are not technically proficient.

"We wish to aid the businessmen in creating a visual environment in their businesses which makes things a notch better than others", company representatives said. Since the resulting flipping book can be published online in different ways and can be read over any device with flawless ease, the software makes it easy for businessmen and other users to pass on the information through the digital channel in a highly efficient and impressive manner.

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