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New Foodie Blog Launched Offering Recipe Ideas for Great Healthy Breakfasts

Healthy Breakfasts was launched by a Russian woman called Oligarsha who cares about healthy living. The foodie blog provides recipe ideas for people who want to eat a healthy breakfast.


Panama -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/08/2016 --A new Foodie blog has been launched by a Russian woman who cares about people improving their lifestyle. Oligarsha launched Healthy Breakfasts ( to encourage people to eat healthy foods in the morning and not to miss the most important meal of the day.

The food blog has quickly become an important resource for people looking for healthy breakfast ideas. Oligarsha has put together lots of different recipes that are suitable for people of all ages and taste buds. They include breakfast ideas for children, students, and even great recipes for people looking to increase their energy.

According to a report in 2011 published by the NPD Group, 31 million people in the USA skip breakfast on a daily basis. Lifestyle and health experts have warned breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is echoed by Oligarsha. When a person misses the first meal of the day, it can cause different problems for the mind and body. Millions of people believe if they miss breakfast it means they will lose weight as they are eating fewer calories. However, nothing could be further from the truth according to the Healthy Breakfast founder.

Oligarsha said: "The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If a person is trying to lose weight and they miss their breakfast, then the body believes it's starving and produces fat. That means the body is fighting back and increasing the body weight and doing the complete opposite of what the person was trying to achieve."

It is not just adults who miss or do not eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. Millions of children go to school without eating one. When a child misses the first meal of the day, it can cause them problems for the rest of the day while at school. When the body doesn't get fed, the child suffers from a lack of concentration. Oligarsha understand a lot of children are fussy about their food, and that is why she has launched a number of recipes that will provide them with delicious food they will not want to miss.

The Foodie blog will have new recipes added on a regular basis, giving people lots of different ideas when it comes to the morning meal. They include breakfast recipes for energy, gluten free recipes, and recipes for vegetarians.

To learn more about the new Foodie blog and why it has become one of the most recommended resources for breakfast recipes, please visit

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The Healthy Breakfast blog provides tried and tested recipes for great early morning meals. The recipes cater for all people of all ages.