New Game Studio Returns Retro Gaming to the Golden Age in Less Than 24 Hours

Four-part serialized RPG “Imperium Omni” Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign reaches $25k goal in less than 24 hours.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2019 --An emerging game studio, Storytellers Entertainment, is bringing new life to a whole new generation of fantasy-based retro gaming with "Imperium Omni". The studio launched a crowdfunding campaign on on Monday, January 28th, to raise $25,000 amongst all RPG gaming enthusiasts. Within 24 hours, the target goal was reached, and shortly thereafter at nearly 500 backers and in excess of $30,000 there's no upper limit in sight. The campaign continues throughout February 2019 with all eyes on the stretch goals.

Storytellers Entertainment was established by fantasy fiction writer and veteran game designer, Matthew Thomas and award-winning Hollywood SFX expert Bill Munns. They will cater to fans of retro-styled, fantasy-based, solo-RPGs following a surge in interest in retro gaming in recent years. With additional 3D content through Unreal Engine 4.0, modern gamers will be satisfied as well.

Imperium Omni is a four-part serialized RPG set in the vast fictional world of Aeris Pri. The game emerged from the founder's earliest work in and on RPGs of all kinds, developing as a novel and a video game concurrently. Although to be released on PC, the game will also later be available on Xbox, PS4, iOS and Android platforms.

The game adopts a modern twist to the retro solo-RPG genre by utilizing a class and relationship AI to allow the player to evolve with the content. This unique game feature gives players the chance to not only play their primary class but also to play concurrent classes like Pirate, Monk, Samurai or Spy.

Speaking about the crowdfunding campaign and the gaming community, Matthew Thomas said:

"We're so excited by the response we've received from RPG gaming enthusiasts and the crowdfunding community to back us so quickly.. Imperium Omni is unique with its map-based approach and we're glad how people have gotten behind our launch. We have elaborate stretch goals already set in place to take us beyond our goal; at $35,000 we expand the initial play area, and at $50,000 we add a whole new chapter to the game. And there's more to come after that."

About Imperium Omni
Imperium Omni is the Empress' motto meaning 'To Rule All' and yet, it is in a language "that has been dead for hundreds of thousands of years". That means that the game actually takes place in the very distant future. The game and novel follow the characters of Shadow and Fara, explorers who live in the vast fantasy world of Aeris Pri. The player's long term goal is to move all the way from the lowest ranked player to eventually be crowned Emperor or Empress of the world. The game is broken into four editions and four corresponding books: part one is the Captain's Edition, part two is the General's Edition, part three is the King/Queen Edition and the final part is the Emperor/Empress Edition.

About Storytellers Entertainment
The team behind Storytellers Entertainment includes an array of industry experts including an award-winning 3D Digital Artist, a computer language designer with notable patents in use by the US Department of Defense and a 25 year veteran in marketing and sales, directing high profile marketing activities for top-ranked fortune 500 companies.