New Global Scouting Troop Asks: Are You a Unicorn?

Bay Area Mother-Daughter Team Launches “Whimsy in the Mail” Kickstarter Campaign for Unicorn Scouts


San Leandro, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2017 --The Unicorn Scouts, a whimsy troop for all ages + all spectrums of unicorns, is on a mission to spread more joy in the world. The new, radically inclusive scouting club launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 so they can send people "whimsy in the mail."
The Unicorn Scouts encourages people to "let their unihorn shine" and get in the habit of joy by "practicing" whimsy – a natural skill that gets evoked through silly prompts. And it's just as beneficial for your health as eating broccoli, yoga or brushing your teeth. But it's whimsy, not work.
Elliotte Bowerman (35) and her daughter Liliana (7) started using whimsy as a way to relax and reconnect after a busy day. In the past 3 years, the Unicorn Scouts has evolved from family recreation into a series of events, theme camp/installation at festivals, interactive whimsyshop classes, an international sticker project - and now a global troop getting whimsy in the mail.
How We Whimsy:
Through the Kickstarter, Unicorn Scouts backers will receive a Full Rainbow kit ($50 + s/h) that includes a horn, cape, 7 Unicorn Missions and a badge for completing them. Unicorn Scouts customize the color and size (kid/adult) of their cape, as well as the color of their horn. The rainbow of Unicorn Mission envelopes can be opened at any time, but each whimsical assignment must be completed immediately after being opened (all supplies needed are included in the envelopes). When all 7 missions have been completed (we follow the honor system), the Unicorn Scout opens the golden envelope to put their 1st month badge on their cape.
Kickstarter supporters become members of the Unicorn Scouts, and can then subscribe to get a new rainbow of Unicorn Missions with a new badge ($20/month per Unicorn Scout). There is no ongoing commitment, except to your own joy. Members also receive a weekly email prompt, can join a private Facebook Group, and have the option of a recurring monthly subscription to get more Unicorn Missions and badges.
There is a discount for buying 2 kits (the Double Rainbow), as well as a Unicorn Troop level that enables a whimsy leader to build a group of 4+ Unicorn Scouts and spread more silliness.

For more info, visit the Kickstarter page:

"We're serious about being silly! Everyone has an inner child that needs to come out and play," says Elliotte, Co-Founder and Chief Whimsy Unicorn. "No matter how old you are, what your gender is, who you love, how you look, where you live or what you believe… You Are a Unicorn!"
"Being a Unicorn Scout is SO much fun!" says Liliana, Co-Founder and Play President Unicorn. "We wear horns and capes and complete Unicorn Missions. One of my favorites is to make a crazy concoction."
"The happiest people I know, the ones who are most able to engage their lives meaningfully, are the people who are also the most playful – who take time to be frivolous. Because what is frivolity but openness to joy and new ideas? But like any skill, it has to be practiced: you use it or lose it," says Benjamin Wachs, author. "I think a hyper-scheduled, data-driven, over worked, stress inducing world desperately needs a whimsy movement. The Unicorn Scouts was born in play, and is so crazy it works."
The Power of Play – Research:
Research has shown that whimsy (play that is cheerful, frisky, frolicsome, good-natured, joyous, merry, rollicking, spirited, sprightly [and/or] vivacious) has health benefits for people of all ages. It stimulates brain development in children. It keeps adult minds sharper. It improves overall wellbeing. It boosts creativity and problem-solving skills. It can strengthen relationships amongst family members, friends and romantic partners. It can improve work performance for individuals, and corporate cultures with playful environments can improve employee satisfaction, creative results and retention.
A Boston Globe summary of recent adult play research, by Leon Neyfakh, concludes with: "…we need to allow ourselves to indulge in the pleasures of pointless or sheerly enjoyable activity, whether that means board games, dancing, pulling pranks, or making other people laugh. Growing up, in other words, doesn't have to mean cutting fun and lightheartedness out of our lives. On the contrary, it may mean realizing that engaging in such childishness is an excellent use of our time."