New Grease Blotting Product Paves the Way for Wellness and Sustainability in Food Preparation

StitZii removes excess grease from food products, boasts environmentally safe composition


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2014 --StitZii, a revolutionary product designed to remove excess grease, fats, oils, salts and carbohydrates from prepared foods, is showcasing its superior effectiveness and innovative composition through recent lab test results, illustrating its tremendous potency.

Perfectly sized to cover the interior surface of a medium to large pizza box and versatile enough to be used with virtually any food, StitZii is a pinnacle in grease removal engineering. Three oil absorbing, multi-ply paper layers and an oil resistant, “oleophobic” layer, come together to create a product that’s easy to use and highly effective at trapping and removing grease. The fibrous texture of the product allows it to trap only grease and oil, repelling lint, dust and small particles.

In an assortment of tests, performed by an accredited, third-party lab, StitZii has been shown to be tremendously effective at reducing a variety of excess materials that become pronounced as a result of the food preparation and cooking process. The studies, which center around testing StitZii as a blotting tool on the most popular pizza options from one of the largest pizza chains in the world, have yielded conclusive results regarding the product’s efficiency and potency.

During testing, StitZii was proven to remove up to 27.2 calories from a single slice of pizza, measuring approximately one eighth the size of a medium-sized pizza, the recommended serving size. In conjunction, StitZii was also observed to remove 15.3 milligrams of sodium, 5.87 milligrams of cholesterol, 3.02 grams of fat and a total 1.25 grams of fatty acids from a single serving portion.

“The testing results we’ve seen regarding StitZii’s effectiveness and overall ability to remove excess grease, fats, oils, salts and carbohydrates from food is phenomenal,” said Bradley Farrell, Proprietor of StitZii. “The impact that this product is able to have on personal wellness, as well as its use in creating sustainability within the fast-food industry, is something we’re excited to see take shape.”

Grease contamination has made food packaging, such as pizza boxes, unsuitable for municipal recycling. StitZii traps grease so effectively that these packaging products can now be recycled effectively, addressing the enormous concern of waste in the fast food industry. With over five billion pizzas sold worldwide each year, StitZii is aiming to create sustainability within the fast food industry by allowing for proper packaging disposal, saving millions of dollars annually in damage costs.

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