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New Groundbreaking Soy Cream Cheese Style Spread (CCSS) Launches in the US Market to Rave Reviews


Savannah, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2019 --Savannah, GA – Fuji Plant Protein Labs (FPPL), a manufacturer of delicious 100% vegan plant-based ingredients, proudly announced today the company is launching CCSS – Cream Cheese Style Spread. The only plant-based cultured soy cheese spread for pastry chefs, food manufacturers, national brands and foodservice.

CCSS (Mame-mage in Japan) is a rich plant-based soy cheese spread alternative for vegan food manufacturers, snack food, and dairy-alternative brands in North America. CCSS delivers on the demand for non-dairy vegan food ingredients that easily integrate as if it was a dairy ingredient. CCSS can be used in plant-based vegan cream cheese, soft spreads, cream sauces, dips, baked goods, and soft cheese-style confectionaries with amazing results and excellent taste.

Spreading the word about plant-based cultured soy cream cheese integration
Retail food product brands can use CCSS to infuse plant-based benefits into a variety of cheese-style desserts as it can be integrated into the baking process. As its soybean-based, CCSS's ability to pick up flavor is key to developing delicious products that normally use dairy.

Fuji Plant Protein Lab's CCSS has 240-day refrigerated shelf stability compared to other soft vegan cheese spreads based on water, nuts or oils. CCSS primary ingredient is low-fat cultured soymilk that yields a low cholesterol food. CCSS is a savory food with the same mouth feel as light cream cheese but without the dairy or high saturated fat.

CCSS Soft Soy Cream Cheese is made possible by Fuji Plant Protein Lab's proprietary Ultra Soy Separation (USS) technology. Fuji Plant Protein Labs has been working on soy separation technology and advanced research on soy protein for more than half a century.

The FPPL advantage: Ultra Soy Separation (USS) technology
CCSS is a non-dairy, non-GMO, soy-based product produced with FPPL's patented Ultra Soy Separation process (USS). Fuji Plant Protein Labs achieves the goal to come as close as possible to real soft cheese in texture, consistency, and taste by using their patented Ultra Soy Separation process (USS).

Utilizing a method similar to that used to separate fresh milk, the soymilk is separated yielding low-fat soymilk and Ko-Cream. Separation is made possible by using Fuji Oil's unique technology. Once the low-fat soymilk is cultured, it produces a rich and smooth soy cream cheese.

USS process also results in FPPL's groundbreaking vegan cheese Nozzarella™ for the pizza and cheese markets and their popular Ko-Cream (soy cream) rich plant-based cream for professionals and food manufacturers.

CCSS samples are available now to qualified food manufacturers, professionals, and food brands to sample and evaluate at fujiplantproteinlabs.com/contact

About Fuji Plant Protein Labs
Fuji Plant Protein Labs, founded in 2017 by Fuji Oil Group Japan, is an affiliated company in the USA. FPPLs' business promotes and manufactures cheese alternatives (Nozzarella™), cream cheese alternative CCSS (cream cheese style spread), soy cream (Ko-Cream), and other plant-based dairy alternatives. FPPL also supplies animal protein alternatives Textured Soy Protein (TSP Mame Plus m), and gluten-free plant protein M.U.P.I. (Mung Bean Protein Isolate)/Glucodia®. FPPL product lineup has great flavor, consistency, texture and excellent mouthfeel for a truly unique taste experience.

Website: fujiplantproteinlabs.com
Product: https://www.fujiplantproteinlabs.com/products/mame-mage-soft-soy-cheese/