Daily Health Click

New Health and Fitness Site Launches in the UK to Provide Honest and Independent Reviews


Morecambe, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2017 --Manipulated reviews have become a serious problem for the internet. Andrew Ellis has therefore founded dailyhealthclick.co.uk to provide a UK audience with quality content and reviews they can trust.

Health and fitness has become a huge market in the UK and like any large market it is served by a wide range of vendors with products of very different levels of quality. On the one hand, this is a positive in the sense that users have different needs and budgets and hence the fact that there is a broad choice of products available on the market helps users to balance their needs and wants with their available funds. On the other hand, such a wide range of choice can make it more difficult for users to find the product which best suits their needs. This can leave them confused and reliant on user reviews, which brings another set of issues.

In the words of Andrew Ellis: "I've heard a lot of stories about people starting websites, or even businesses, because they've worked out a way to solve a problem they had and they think other people might benefit from it. That was basically what prompted me to create dailyhealthclick.co.uk. When I was looking for products for my own use, I started to realize just how much was out there, just how variable the quality was and just how little help some review sites could be. I came to the conclusion that at this point in time there three main problems with reviews and review sites. Firstly, there are blatantly fake reviews. These tend to be on retail and manufacturer websites and are often pretty easy to spot, if you take a good look at them. They're usually the ones which leave five stars and just say something like "This product is great!!!" without giving any further detail. The big problem with these is that if you just look at the headline rating, you can easily find yourself given a misleading impression. Secondly, there is the problem of manipulated reviews. These tend to be longer-form reviews and may give a lot more information, but the reviewer omits to mention that they have received some sort of benefit for writing a (positive) review. Some websites have tried to clamp down on these, but it's really hard to stamp them out completely. The final problem is genuine reviews which unwittingly omit information a reader needs to understand if a product is right for them in their particular situation.".

The good news for people in the UK is that dailyhealthclick.co.uk has been created to solve all of these problems by providing objective and thorough reviews their audience can really trust. In addition to the reviews, the site will also produce its own original content, created by a team of experts and will feature guests pieces from top influences in the health niche. In this way, Andrew Ellis plans to address one of the other major issues he perceives in this sector, which is low-quality content created to target SEO keywords, rather than to help and guide actual human readers.