Third Republic of Vietnam Government

New Hexagonal Memorial Monument to Honor Vietnam War Veterans

The Hexagonal Memorial Monument is being built with bare hands by The Republic of Vietnam’s soldiers and descendants to honor their 58,721 American Comrades-in-Arms who sacrificed their lives for Vietnam


Adelanto, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2020 --Soldiers of The Republic of Vietnam who currently continue to serve in the Government of The Third Republic of Vietnam (Established 1990 - 10800 Sierra Road, Adelanto, CA, 92301 USA) and their descendants are close to completing The Hexagonal Memorial Monument being constructed with their bare hands, sorrowful hearts and respectful thoughts to commemorate the 58,721 American Comrades-in-Arms who sacrificed their lives in The Vietnam War.

This "Hexagonal Memorial Monument" is the first monument in the world created by Vietnamese people to honor those American men and women who served both Vietnam and America during the Vietnam War. President Quan Minh Dao, former Lieutenant of The Republic of Vietnam Army and the leader of the Black Tiger task force in Dong Ha- Quang Tri alongside Officials, Delegates, Members of The Third Republic of Vietnam Government, respectfully honor their ultimate sacrifice and invite the public to visit this Monument to remember, to reach out, to touch a name, to honor and to salute each of those names etched on these walls - 58,721 American patriots and all who served with them. We stand with the families who love them still.

The address of this Hexagonal Memorial Monument is 10800 Sierra Road, Adelanto, CA, 92301 USA

A brief history of The Provisional National – Third Republic of Vietnam Government as follow:

In April 1990, Mr Quan Minh Dao was elected as President of The New Vietnamese Democracy movement. In 1991, the representatives of the 3 Vietnamese generations (the seniors, the matures and the juniors) voted and selected Mr. ?ào Minh Quân as The Prime Minister of The Provisional National Government of Vietnam. He was sworn into the Prime Minister's position on Feb 16th 1991 at a public and solemn ceremony held at the CPV Permanent Office 12812 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, Orange County, California, USA.

In February 16th 2018 Prime Minister Quan Minh Dao enlightened The Third Republic of Viet-Nam at the Vietnam-US Monument, 14180 All American Way, Westminster, CA 92684 and later became The President of The Third Republic of Viet-Nam as voted by over 4-million Vietnamese people from both inside of Viet Nam and all over the world through an "Online Referendum System" with sophisticated security information protection.

The President's inauguration was announced with invitation to public media (FB/Youtube/local Newspapers) and was held on November 11th 2018 at 3 locations: The Government's base called Tu Nghia Duong 10800 Sierra Rd, Adelanto, CA 92301, USA in the Morning. The Vietnam-US Monument, 14180 All American way, Westminster, CA 92684 at Noon and at The Hilton 3050 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 in the Evening.

The Provisional National Government -Third Republic of Viet-Nam has released The Constitution publicly with prior invitation to all Vietnamese around the world on Feb 16th 2020 at it's compound: Tu Nghia Duong 10800 Sierra Rd, Adelanto, CA 92301 with the exceptional 4 branches in comparison with any other traditional democratic Constitutions: The Legislative Branch, The Executive Branch, The Judicial Branch and The People's Will Branch in the goals of forming the perfect union, establishing the most fair justice, providing for the best common defense, promoting the best welfare and securing the most blessings of liberty and posterity to Vietnamese people as a nation.

For over 30 years President Quan Minh Dao has kept his forever eternal maxims:
And to remain the government's purpose as: "REGAIN ANCESTRAL LAND and END POPULACE SUFFERING" bringing KINDNESS and FORGIVENESS to the Vietnamese people and to create a harmonious relationship by "ABANDONING COMMUNISM and REMAINING VIETNAMESE – VIETNAMESE DO NOT KILL VIETNAMESE", and to develop a policy to re-build Vietnam as a Democracy, with Happiness and Respect for Human Rights.

Note: Our official email address: (cpqgvnlt=Chính Ph? Qu?c Gia Vi?t-Nam Lâm Th?i=Provisional National Government of Viet-Nam)