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New High Traffic Music Site Hits the Web

Musicians have a new place to hang their hats, engage with their listeners and, in many cases, grow from emerging to popular artists in their genres.


Manchester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2014 --Music lovers have a new place to upload sought-after tunes and beats, read about their favorite musicians and discuss music with other music mavens around the globe. The announcement of the new music site called Music Talkers has generated plenty of spark in the music world. Every week more music news is reported, more visitors trek to the site, more music gets uploaded and downloaded and more musicians add their information.

Articles about Miley Cyrus, the X-Factor, Lady Gaga and others are featured in easy-to-read feature pieces that reports the details that readers crave in order to stay informed and up-to-date on their favorite pop, rock, folk, steel, Christian contemporary, soul, R& B, jazz and artists of other specialties. Contributing music feature writers, such as Andrew Braithewaite, bring a wealth of music knowledge and experience to the site. The varied backgrounds of the music news reporters helps to ensure read-worthy news content. In fact, largely due to the quality news content, this site is double-billed as a music site and a news site.

Those knowledgeable about the music industry can also apply to become a contributing writer.

Unsigned exposure has been reported as a source of great frustration for new artists, and the music talker site offers them a place to gain solid footing.

Adding music and discovering new artists are two options on the site. On musicians can create and update their profile so that fans and future fans can find them and their music.

All services are free, including the discussion board. Music Talkers is now accepting new registrations in all categories.

About Music Talkers
Music Talkers is a free service which connects music fans with musicians with their daily news reports.