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New Internal Marketing System from Survival Strategies Is Making an Impact for Private Practices

A new system for generating internal referrals has just been released by Survival Strategies Inc. The system includes custom made referral cards and a training program that teaches the owners and staff how to implement the system.


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2012 --The new Internal Marketing System has just been released by Survival Strategies, Inc, a consulting and training firm in Burbank, CA. They are making this new system available to all new and existing clients.

Survival Strategies conducted extensive market research and found that the cost of new client acquisition has risen 1000% over the last 20 years. Twenty years ago, mailing out 10,000 flyers could yield 20 new clients. Today, that number is more like 2 new clients. With the cost of advertising continuing to increase, they concluded that referrals from existing clients and even staff are not only the most cost effective solution, but are also the highest quality of referrals that a business can get. The reason being is that the referral has already been given a good review by the referral source.

Further research went into finding out exactly how to streamline the referral process and what type of incentives to use. Based on their research, if one was to use a card, it needed the following requirements:

1. Attention grabbing (an aesthetic design on a clear plastic card)
2. An irresistible offer
3. People would want to use them (not store them or throw them away)

The result was the Internal Marketing System that consists of a custom design and manufacture of the referral cards and training of the owner and their staff on implementation of the system. The training promises to teach how to get more new clients from existing clients; family and friends, social contacts, business contacts and everyone else.

Much time was spent in locating a company that could print the cards to the high standards they were demanding. They checked with over 100 plastic card makers and none of them could do it. Either they couldn’t match the quality, didn’t know how to print on clear plastic or didn’t want to bother; as it was too difficult and expensive to do. So they researched how Starbucks made their cards. The final solution was to purchase their own specialized printing press, learn the technology and produce the cards themselves.

The results have already been quite remarkable. One client had a 66% increase in income from referrals after the first month and another had a 223% increase in referral income after just the first month!

Survival Strategies is offering free webinars and consultations to lay out in detail how this new system can be implemented into any business or practice. More details can be requested at

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