New Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for "What Kept Me Going" Film


Brisbane, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/26/2016 --Based on the popular memoir Nightmares to Dreams, the film "What Kept Me Going" tells the inspirational story of Mutinta and the obstacles she overcame throughout her life to get on the path towards achieving her dreams. Written by Maddie Mitchell, the story is set in Africa and Australia.

The film's creators are seeking $18,984 to fund this project. At the time of this release, the project had received $9.11 from one backer. The project has until August 17 to generate the full amount of donations in order to receive funding. Donors who contribute at least $15 will receive a copy of the behind the scenes documentary of the making of the film.

If they receive the funding, the creators will use the money to cover the costs of filming the project. This will include crew members and equipment for filming locations in Lusaka, Zambia and Brisbane, Australia to follow the main character's immigration from Africa to Australia. Throughout filming, the creators will employ crew members and rent equipment from local providers to help keep the production of the film economical and affordable.

Screenwriter Daniel Isaac adapted the script from Maddie Mitchell's book, and the film will be produced by Mathildah Muchindu.

Chisenga Nkhoneke will direct the project. The creators estimate that the project will be completed in September 2016. They did voice concerns about the actors showing up on set for work, so they have cast backup actors for all of the major roles to counteract this potential risk.

The story centers around Mutinta, who suffered tragedy early in her life when her mother left her with her father at age 5. In the years that followed, Mutinta's father had a slew of other wives in his polygamist lifestyle. Later on, Mutinta married, only to discover that her new husband was actually her step-brother, a product of one of her father's many marriages. She later immigrated to Australia in an effort to escape her troubled past and move on so that she could achieve her dreams.

Although the story has a lot of elements of tragedy, the film hopes to portray it in such a way as to inspire the younger generation to never give up and to stay focused on their dreams and goals.