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New Latex Mattress Guide by the Best Mattress Explains Pros and Cons

Consumer education website discusses the potential advantages and drawbacks of buying latex mattresses, along with helpful tips for readers.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2015 --Latex mattresses have seen significant growth over the past decade, particularly among people seeking healthier mattress options. Positive owner experiences appear to be contributing to the rise in popularity as well, with reviews and owner data suggesting higher overall satisfaction compared to spring beds.

However, despite positive reviews and a boom of new brands, the majority of consumers remain unfamiliar with the unique properties of latex foam. In addition to making the shopping process intimidating, the lack of information on latex beds can also make them hard for shoppers to contrast with other mattress types.

In an effort to answer common concerns and provide insight, The Best Mattress released a guide titled, "Buying a Latex Mattress: Pros and Cons," on May 5. The bed education website explains both potential advantages and drawbacks to ownership and differences between types of latex beds, using information from reviews and data on other mattress categories.

The guide details how the unique traits and properties of latex foam provide benefit in areas like relief of pressure points and back support. Other positive factors like durability, motion isolation, natural materials and more are also discussed.

Though the majority of people report satisfaction with latex foam, the unique nature of mattresses means no single option will appease everyone. Potential drawbacks like limited availability, heat, greenwashing and other factors are discussed in the guide to present a balanced view.

For readers interested in learning more about latex brands, The Best Mattress guide includes a brief segment of shopping advice with pointers on different categories of latex mattresses, warranty and other aspects of selecting a bed. A helpful table also contrasts popular brands with different traits and price points, including Savvy Rest, Astrabeds, Sealy Optimum, and several others.

The new guide to buying a latex mattress is available in full on The Best Mattress website, along with several other resources including recent guides to memory foam, beds for couples and organic mattresses.

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