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New Materials for Waterproofing Basements Acquired by Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing

Residents experiencing flooding or other moisture issues in their Bloomington basements are encouraged to contact Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing for a free quote on waterproofing services.


Bloomington, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2021 --A few weeks ago, Bloomington Foundation Repair and Waterproofing announced that homeowners experiencing moisture issues in their basement should take advantage of their basement repair in Bloomington. They have recently upgraded some of their materials to provide a better experience for homeowners having trouble with water getting into their basements. These materials are excellent at keeping out water and minimizing mold and mildew growth.

Climate change is undoubtedly creating some peculiar weather patterns in the local Bloomington area. This summer, the city experienced some of the worst rainfall that it has experienced in nearly a century. Gabriel Filippelli, a professor at the University of Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, predicted that excessive rain in the local area will continue to increase by 15 percent until 2050.

With so much rainfall predicted in the future, it would be a good idea for homeowners to have a structural engineer check their basements for any potential problems. In addition, they recommend that a homeowner get an inspection performed at least twice a year to prevent significant issues. To prepare for the upcoming cold season, Bloomington Foundation Repair and Waterproofing encourages residents to get basement cracks sealed. Not only will this keep water out, but it will also prevent rodents and other critters from getting into the home.

Cracking is one of the most common foundation problems that homeowners face. The movement of the soil typically causes this. If the soil under the house is eroding, the house will shift downward, forming cracks. Likewise, too much soil pushing upward on the house can also develop cracks. This shift in the foundation may cause problems in the home, such as difficulty opening windows and doors. It can also affect the level of the house, making floors uneven.

Some cracks may not be problematic. For instance, narrow vertical or diagonal surface cracks may be due to the house settling and may not be serious. To an untrained eye, many cracks may seem harmless, however. This is why it is pertinent that homeowners have a foundation contractor inspect the cracks to make sure they won't jeopardize the home's structure.

Aside from cracks, another common issue in the basement could be flooding. Through-the-wall cracks may be allowing water to seep into the home. Water should be flowing away from the house. However, if a homeowner isn't getting gutters cleaned regularly, this could lead to water pooling around the foundation of the house instead of flowing away from it. Problems in the yard, such as a clogged or inoperable french drain, may also be causing water to pool around the foundation allowing water to seep in. Inside the home, a sump pump that isn't working correctly can cause flooding.

If problems with cracks or flooding aren't addressed immediately, it could lead to more significant issues. Not only will the structure of the home be compromised but so can the occupants' health. Mildew and mold can exacerbate respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. Worst of all, a moist basement can attract rodents or termites that can get into the home.

Homeowners worried about foundation issues should contact a foundation repair company such as Bloomington Foundation Repair and Waterproofing. The process typically starts with a free inspection of the foundation. A contractor will inspect the interior foundation in the basement, looking for pools of standing water. If there is no water present, the contractor may perform a water test to see if water leaks through the foundation walls. This involves taking a simple garden hose and saturating the area to see if water enters the house.

A contractor will also look around outdoors, checking for water puddles that don't seem to dry long after a rainfall. If the yard has a French drain, the contractor will check to make sure it is draining properly from the property. A broken or damaged drain will need to be replaced.

If there are immediate significant concerns, a contractor will inform the homeowner of the issues and provide a no-obligation written estimate which includes basement waterproofing cost in their Bloomington home. This estimate should also include the timeline to complete the job. For example, filling cracks and waterproofing may take a few hours. However, more severe issues, such as leveling, could take several days.

To address these issues, Bloomington Foundation Repair and Waterproofing has recently acquired much more powerful products to combat the moisture problems in basements in Bloomington. These include top-notch materials that seal cracks, such as epoxies, polyurethane foam, and hydraulic cement.

Bloomington Foundation Repair and Waterproofing have added high-quality waterproofing materials to prevent moisture from accumulating in basements. These include high-grade sealants and waterproofing coatings. Their contractors also have much more powerful dehumidifiers to help eliminate moisture once the basement cracks have been filled and sealed.

These waterproofing procedures are only preventative measures, however. If there is mold present, the homeowner will have to hire a mold remediation team to address this issue before foundation contractors can proceed with basement waterproofing in Bloomington. This could cost a few hundred dollars to upward of several thousand dollars depending on how much square footage has been damaged by mold.

Since foundation repairs can be pretty costly, it is critical that homeowners in Bloomington establish regular foundation inspections along with their list of other annual house inspections. Foundation issues left unchecked can lead to tens of thousands of dollars, especially if the repairs are structural. The silver lining in this is home insurance policies may cover the repairs. However, if the foundation problem was triggered by clogged gutters or general wear and tear, an insurance policy may not cover the damages.

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