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New Mattress IQ Quiz from Sleep Junkie Tests Shoppers' Bed Knowledge announces their new Mattress IQ quiz which allows consumers to test their bed knowledge and receive helpful tips for shopping.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2014 --Sleep Junkie, a blog that writes on sleep news and beds, recently produced a quiz designed to test consumers’ mattress knowledge, along with an informational introduction to buying a new bed to celebrate Better Sleep Month. Published May 5, the quiz and article “What is Your Mattress IQ?” is available on Sleep Junkie’s website and open to all readers and visitors.

The Mattress IQ quiz includes twenty questions about various types of mattresses and different aspects of shopping for a bed. Sleep Junkie estimates that the quiz will take the average reader five minutes or less to complete, and the questions are presented in simple multiple choice and true-false format.

After completing the test, participants receive their score along with an honorable title ranging from Mattress Newbie to Mattress Genius, which can be shared on major social networks. All questions along with the correct answers and detailed explanations are available for review upon completion.

Following the Mattress IQ quiz, the blog invites readers to improve their knowledge. The website explains that spending a little time learning about the industry is beneficial for shoppers. “Being an educated and informed consumer can help make the shopping process easier, and can help you pick out a better bed (and get a better deal),” Sleep Junkie states in the article.

To help readers boost their bed intelligence, Sleep Junkie includes helpful information on mattresses and shopping following the quiz. The article offers an overview and comparison of major mattress types, tips for assessing personal sleep style, and other helpful pointers for successfully navigating the industry including important questions to ask and insight into retailer practices. Sleep Junkie also offers links their previous mattress buying guides and other online sources for mattress information and reviews.

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