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New Mental Health Talk Show Comes to YouTube Aimed to Help Improve Mental Health Awareness


Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2019 --INTAKE, a gusty new talk show on mental health, released November 7, 2019, in honor of mental health awareness tackles topics that are often ignored, but affects the mental health of many individuals worldwide. The fourteen-episode web series is hosted by a mental health professional who is passionate about helping others achieve mental wellness. The mission behind the INTAKE Talk Show is to discuss unspoken societal and cultural norms and stigmas that often affect the human psyche while bringing more attention to the importance of caring for mental health.

INTAKE is more than just a talk show, it's an opportunity for mental health professionals in different fields and specialties as well as individuals struggling with mental illnesses worldwide to share their perspectives and experiences. Tamika "Tami" Lee, 2019 recipient of the Jacksonville Film & Television Industry Rising Start Award is the Director of the talk show. Tami has worked for the independent TV station MeeMee TV also known as TV JAX. While at TV JAX, Tami created content through partnerships with On Ideas, 1010XL, and Metro Jacksonville. Tami has directed and created numerous video content including music videos, short films, and promotional videos and is now helping to spread the word to make mental health a priority.

Created by Bertha Freeman Barrett a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional experienced in working with at-risk youth, adults, and their families. Bertha's goal is to discuss unspoken societal and cultural norms and stigmas that affect the human psyche of many around the world and across the lifespan. She also desires to destigmatize mental illnesses and bring more awareness to mental health. Bertha, a Christian recording artist, and former off-Broadway actor is no stranger to the entertainment industry.

"Throughout my life, especially during my travels as a singer, people often confided in me about their distressful issues. It wasn't until my academic studies, but more importantly, after practicing as a therapist I realized how much society and culture played is a significant role in the issues individuals struggled with mentally. I suppose I could have started yet another podcast but in realizing how powerful videography is, I wanted to highlight mental health in a way that would not only reach a larger demographic of people but also provide a sense of intimacy and empathy from watching individuals who have experienced mental illnesses first-hand. In addition, I wanted to provide the public with a show they could go to and hear from everyday professionals working in the mental health field discuss matters that are significant to their mental wellbeing" said Bertha Freeman Barrett.

"Within many cultures having a mental illness is viewed as shameful or a sign of weakness. History, as well as media, have influenced the negative perceptions of mental illnesses. Due to this, individuals are often unaware of what can contribute to mental illness along with preventions to many disorders. Most importantly they fail to move beyond the stigma that those who suffer from a mental illness are violent, crazy, or incapable of living effectively in society. INTAKE is a platform tackling these stigmas as well as the many issues people experience within society that often affect their mental health while educating viewers on the psychologically and emotionally struggles that can impact their mental wellness. Through INTAKE Tami and I hope to help individuals see that it is ok to seek help when they are distressed psychologically and emotionally. We hope to help viewers understand that it is ok to talk about their issues and that their overall wellness goes beyond their physical state and must include their mental state as well."

To start the first season the host is joined by co-host Jules Jean-Pierre, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern and Marriage and Family Intern, who also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and Shana Sopko a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. After season one the creator and host hope to introduce guest co-host in the field of mental health to viewers throughout various episodes who will offer their expert opinions on the topic. INTAKE will become the new way of meeting professionals in the field of mental health and learning about their specialties in the field. In addition, the show provides first-hand knowledge about mental illnesses from individuals who live with them. The host and season one co-host leaves counseling at the office and shares real emotions and real conversation about mental health matters.

INTAKE is a 30-minute YouTube talk show that breaks each episode up in two parts. Between topics, the show provides infomercials as an added benefit to providing viewers with more information on mental health stats and preventions. The creators of the show hope to expand the talk show series worldwide and make it the go-to for discussing and learning about mental health topics. To learn more about INTAKE Talk Show or to subscribe to their channel

INTAKE Talk Show with Bertha Freeman Barrett airs new episodes on YouTube every Thursday at 3 pm. More information on the show can also be found at, along with articles, and other information on mental health and wellness.

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