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New MileCatcher App Safely Sidesteps Traffic While Tracking Mileage and Compiling Expense Reports

New iOS app lets drivers track milage and time driven, logs trip routes to show traffic bottlenecks, and provides yearly estimates to help track progress using live traffic apps. A first in the marketplace, MileCatcher™ for iPhone saves drivers precious time and money.


Redmond, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/03/2015 --In the US and Europe, drivers spend in average 111 hours in traffic each year. Now there is free app that automatically logs trips and analyzes distance driven and time spent in traffic. MileCatcher Traffic provides live driving warnings and compiles monthly records for tax deductions. Never before seen in the marketplace, a newly launched iOS app gives all those features in one spot.

Basically, the user's job is to start the car. From there the MileCatcher™ app will automatically log trips for business or pleasure. Each trip can be reviewed with routes classified as business or commuting. It'll export all compiled mileage in a .csv formatted report.

A simple way to improve gas mileage, the MileCatcher app issues live warnings if drivers accelerate too fast. Warnings and maximum speed is shown on each trip's route map. All this in addition to giving sound alerts if the car accelerates too fast. Needless to say, teen driving just got a little bit safer. Finally an all-in-one tool to help drivers safely get to work on time and save money while they're at it.

Lars Boesen, CEO of MileCatcher, Inc. said of the car tracker app, "We have a lot of respect for our competitors, MileIQ, Automatic, and Dash. But MileCatcher Traffic is the first app that logs time driven and helps show when and where traffic is the worst. Best of all it requires no hardware dongle or subscription. Just download and drive."

MileCatcher Traffic logs trips for drivers like RunKeeper does for runners. A perfect companion to Waze or Inrix XD.

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About MileCatcher, Inc.
MileCatcher, Inc. is a software company based in Redmond, Washington that focus on solutions for drivers. They recently launched their first, free driving app named, MileCatcher™ Traffic. The mileage tracking iOS app monitors driving safety, maps traffic, and exports trip data for simple mileage reimbursement.

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