New on Demand Video Streaming Service Aims to Make Big Splash - QUEBTV, LLC Launches New VOD Service to Compete with Growing Market


Lincoln, NE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/31/2015 --There is a new player emerging from within the growing entertainment streaming space — QuebTV. Positioning itself as the universal remote of streaming entertainment services, QuebTV, (pronounced CubeTV), has been launched with access to more content than either Netflix or Hulu. Unsurpassed in the marketplace, the site has 242 video sources from around the country. Offering viewers a plethora of TV shows and movies, never before found all in one space, the leadership at QuebTV is confident viewers will find whatever they're are looking for.

"Queb TV's strategic alliances has enabled us to obtain access to thousands of TV shows and movies for our customers," said Casey Mitchell, President of QuebTV, LLC. "We want to change the video on demand business model, which means listening to the consumer and delivering what they want when they want it. I am confident the market will respond favorably to what QuebTV is offering."

QuebTV is currently live with an easy to use, easy to find, content aggregation website and Android App with the iOS App coming soon. In addition to the countless offerings of shows and movies, QuebTV will soon be adding celebrity news, television and movie reviews, and video provider ratings and news, all in an effort to answer the call of the video consumer.

"People want an interactive experience, one where their voice is heard and we will be the instrument of change for the online video consumer. In the past with cable and satellite services, the customer, the one who pays the bills, has not had a voice in programming. We intend to change that. Our goal is to be the best VOD platform on the planet, and the only way to do that is to listen to the users and give them what they want," Mitchell added.

About QuebTV.com
Queb TV uses 242 video content providers from around the US to bring users the best variety available — from mainstream series like The Big Bang Theory to on-line only productions like Crackles Comedians. Included in QuebTV's offering are the major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW, FX, HBO, and QuebTV allows you watch anything available on demand. According to Mitchell, future plans include original content as well as channels for the independent producers.

"The barriers of entry into the entertainment industry are lowering for content producers, which we think is a good thing. QuebTV aspires to be a viable distribution channel for the many talented artists to showcase their content in a forum that can help boost their careers."

QuebTV.com is currently live and taking on new customers every day.

For more information regarding QuebTV.com, contact:
Casey Mitchell